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.:: Dota Addicts ::.

Dota game is top 1 !!!

Tags: Defend Of The Anicient, Dota, Warcraft, Frozen Throne, World Of Warcraft

Marclyn Public 457 172
League of Legends Clash of the Fates Guild

League of Legends

Tags: League of Legends, Free Game, DotA, MOBA, Action RPG

Hel_LokisDaughter Public 2,143 697
Everything RP

A roleplay guild dedicated to any and every genre!

Tags: Bleach, Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, D.Gray-Man, Pokemon

Yuki Kurosuke Public 693 7
Heroes of Newerth

Anyone who playes Heroes of Newerth is welcome!!

Tags: heroes, newerth, games, dota, epic

Kitanishi Public 99 25
1337 Elite GamerZ

People who loves gaming. PC ps3 and Xbox360

Tags: Experienced Gamers, Xbox 360, Gaming, Playstation 3

adz-kool Private 2 2
Dota Team IV

This Guild is Only For Philippine Dota Players

Tags: Dota, Garena, World of Warcarft, Battle of the Ancients

Infoe Private 27 12
League of Legends: The Afterlife

LoL closed down and the characters had to go somewhere. It was all peaceful until people start going missing...

Tags: League, Roleplay, MOBA, Legends, Riot Games

LtBunsBuns Private 228 17
_Thailand_[G]uild คุณเป็นคนไทยใช่หรือไม่?ถ้าใช่เชิญเลย!

You are Thailand person or not ? ถ้าใช่ ขอเชิญที่นี่ ! ยินดีต้อนรับชาวไทยครับ

Tags: Thailand, ThaiClub, ไทยแลนด์, ThailandGuild, Thai

Thailand_TH Public 48 46
League of Legends Summoners Hall

Casual League of Legends Gamers

Tags: League of Legends, DotA, Real Time Strategy, Casual Gaming

Violet Kisaragi Private 19 3
Defense Of The Ancient 2(Dota or Dota 2)

To make friends and to play with each other in dota 2

Tags: Dota, Pc gaming, dota 2

HiromiWasabe Public 18 5
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