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Inner Sanctum (Working Title: Open to the Public)

Tags: Beyblade, Death Note, Free Role Play, Resident Evil

Siefren Public 1,225 29
The Gaian Dojo: Martial Arts & Fitness

A fun hang out for Martial Artists, Fitness Guru's, and Weapons Fanatics.

Tags: Martial Arts, Weapon, Fitness, Health, Dojo

baka_boy1221 Public 7,126 467
Ouran High School Host Club - OHSHC

A RP/Discussion on Ouran High School Host Club

Tags: Ouran, High, School, Host, Club

IXI Tama IXI Public 9,890 120
O F F Balance - Dojo & Tournament Roleplay!

Warriors clash in this temple roleplay, seeking prestige and gold!

Tags: fight, battle, warrior, combat, tournament

Slash Zinrai Public 285 51

Karate, gaming, religion, and epicness. (make ur pick) XD

Tags: Karate, Gaiming, Religion, Epic

Roko Tiger2 Public 5 4
City of The Warrior

The city of Kyoto is besieged by demons. Its up to you to either bring about Kyoto's destruction, or its victory.

Tags: Roleplaying, Combat, Casual RP, Adventure, Demons

Twisted Tamashi Public 399 14
From Ashes Arise Soyokaze Chaos Private 853 17
Sector 059

When war breaks out on Earth, the residents of the traditonal Sector 059 face a decision: Embrace the new technology, or keep to the old way

Tags: Japan, Anime, Ninja, Romance, Wars

MsFireStarter17 Public 543 34
弱虫 Yowamushi Dojo (Coward Dojo)

A Dojo where you can become Strong!

Tags: School, Martial Arts, Dojo, Sword, Semi-lite

Divante Black Public 18 2
The Dojo of Acre

The Esteemed School of Nepirimudo

Blade of the West Private 61 28
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