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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Epic Win


Tags: Epic, Spam, Awesome, Your, Mama

Ma Ajmala Private 3,662 90

Tags: charity, free, gold, items, friends

Kome101 Private 181 5
xRay !

xRay is a guild to join in, make friends and chill as a fam.

Tags: Crew, Loyal, Family, Hangout

TRILLxRAY Public 24 39
Ruri & Yue's Guild

Tags: RuriUchiha, yubutts

RuriUchiha Private 36 3
Cookie's Place

Just for me to keep things like plot ideas safe. c:

Mountain Dew Cookie Private 184 1

Tags: Derp, Derpy, Derpish, Derpalot, SIRDerpin

I Great Superbia I Private 31 4
The Derp Committee

Derp Derp Derpy Derp Derp

Tags: Derp, Committee, MasutaKokoBot, Riixke, WE ARE AWESOME

MasutaKokoBot Private 3 10
The Derpy But Crazy Loving Family

Derp, Crazy, Loving, Welcoming, Family

Tags: Derp, Crazy, Welcoming, Loving, Family

Kitta Nee-PantyChan Public 2 18

Anything and Everything Random

Tags: Herp, Derp, Randomness, HerpaDerpaDero

Ratdoge Public 9 3

For them loners.

Tags: Loner, Squad, Awesome, Derp, Kappa

Loner Kaiser Public 5 10
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