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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members

Tags: charity, free, gold, items, friends

Kome101 Private 181 5
Bloody Storage

Just for me to keep things like plot ideas safe. c:

Tags: Derp, Storage, Mine, Pancakes, The Game

Mountain Dew Cookie Private 160 1
Pokejinka Universe

A guild for Pokemon Gijinka roleplay.

Tags: Pokemon, Gijinka, Roleplay

Autopsy Dinner Date Public 1,193 16
Top Percentage

Pokemon competitive online battling

Tags: Pokemon, Breeding, Competition, Derp, Battling

Part Time Weeaboo Public 259 19
Sir Worm A Derp Worshipper's!


Tags: Sir Worm A' Derp, Wormyism, Worship, Religion, Love

x Jagiya x Public 2 10
Le Cyanide Nekos

Drink cyanide everyday.

Tags: cyanide, neko, derp, blank, random

kuroshina Public 33 23

Derp, Nutella, Ponies, Nyaaing, Pirates And Whatever Else..

Tags: Kawii, Funn, Derp, Fabulous, Panties

Kitta Nee-PantyChan Public 1 6
Duke City Anime Derps

A guild for a derpy anime club here in Albuquerque!

Tags: albuquerque, duke city, new mexico, rio grande, anime club

twiggimmapiggus Private 10 5

Tags: Derp, Derpy, Derpish, Derpalot, SIRDerpin

I Great Superbia I Private 31 4
The Derp Committee

Derp Derp Derpy Derp Derp

Tags: Derp, Committee, MasutaKokoBot, Riixke, WE ARE AWESOME

MasutaKokoBot Private 3 10
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