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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The L.U.S.T. Group : Guild Edition

Let Us Steal That!

Tags: Deadman's Shadow, LUST, Kamila, BloodLust, zOMG!

Poyudi Hytori Private 228 132
Won Ton Soup

Fight for the Lucky Magic ball, so let the hungry games begin:P

Tags: Meatball, grunny, epic, weapon, No sleep

KrazyAssNinjir Public 21 8
Journey to Deadman's Shadow

This guild is for all DMS and zOMG players to help each other out and socialize

Tags: deadmans shadow, crew, support, friends, guide

Oh Aileen Public 56 48
The Foxes of Inari's Beads

Here, name your three foxes and be apart of a zOMG! roleplay full of friends and adventure!

Tags: zOMG!, Inari's, Beads, foxes, Yuki

Vixenfur Public 5 1

Demons, Dark Warriors, Join me and let us prevail in battle in the world of ZomG. We should all stand out for each other's fights.

Tags: Dark, Demon, Devil, Gold Farming, Deadman's Quests

Kerderos Public 6 15

People who play DMS 10.0+

Tags: Rings, Crews, Need a crew, Create a crew, Deadman's Shadow

jaime runs this Public 2 10
DMS Virgins ♥

Find the help you need to make a successful first leap into DMS.

Tags: zOMG, Deadman's Pass, Crew, Help, Deadman's Shadow

yagura25 Private 15 35

A gang. Don't mess. We have a lot of guns.

Tags: guns, gang, deadman's shadow, zomg

Elegantly Dreaming Private 17 18
DMS Defeaters!

DMS Training

Tags: DeadMan's Shadow

Narissah Private 345 112
Red Token

A blood run to make the ultimate prize. To Deadman's Shadow.

Tags: Kamila's Blood Scarf, Deadman's Shadow, Red Token, Token, Play through

Trinketchi Private 1 1
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