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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Obituary Press RP Guild

A place for the semi-literate and literate role players out there!

Tags: literate, role play, role playing, writing, fantasy

ValentineNight Private 1,721 51
The Trivial Culture

Tags: Cyberpunk, conspiracy

Lord Maxdom Private 493 1
Unavailable (under Construction: Used to be Depths)

(nothing as of yet)

Tags: Sci-fi, Cyberpunk, Some Fantasy aspects

xX-Abyss-Rayne-Xx Public 373 6

Military, Science, Consumer

Tags: System Shock, TriOptimum, Cyberpunk, Futuristic, Military

Tau Ceti V Private 7 3
Edge of Infinitum

We are a literate role-playing group focussing on budding authors and detailed settings. Join us if 'unusual' is your cuppa tea.

Tags: Literate, cyberpunk, fantasy, post-apocalyptic, horror

Vruez Private 167 9

A cyber/fantasy-punk roleplaying world where secrets are kept, the government rules everything, and life just really sucks.

Tags: Cyberpunk, Future, Action, Governement, Rebellion

xxisawaprettyPWNYxx Private 6 1
Agrimonium - An MMORPG Based Guild

Tags: Gaming, Cyberpunk, Fantasy, Horror, Post-Apocalypse

foxdie-decoy Public 2 1
One City Divided ((under construction, Open and Accepting))

Cyberpunk vs Steampunk

Tags: Cyberpunk, Steampunk, Steam, Mechanical, divided

IrIshInjun95 Public 186 3
Elyris ~ An Uncertain Future !ACCEPTING MEMBERS!

For semi-literate to full-literate only!

Tags: Cyberpunk, Roleplaying, Role, Playing, Futuristic

EsperJay Private 17 1
Eternal Virtue - E.V Online

A roleplaying world based around a simulated MMORPG

Tags: MMORPG, Romance, Role Playing, Events, Battles

Maballsare_Richie Public 7 1
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