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The Bloody Moon & The Ancient race

A vampire taken over a city and the Vatican taking charge by teaming up with an Ancient race will the city fall or will it be freed?

Tags: Vampires, Vampire Hunters, Crusniks, Humans, Servants

saku91 Public 4,015 9
[RWS] Run-With-Scissors Guild Hangout dysfunctional panda Public 10,390 8
Role Player's Guild- Much more than another Barton Town! Staticmonger Private 1,637 74
Trinity Blood The Inner Circle Cain Nightr0ad Private 3,342 15
S.E.E.S ~Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad~ Kyoudai Kutsuuo Public 287 26
The Bloody Beautiful Shade of Grey II - Towards the Black

A sequal to a great top rated vampire, human and lycan role playing guild that was at the tops of the lists on Gaia for several years.

Tags: Vampire, Lycan, Werewolf, Human

Angel of the End Public 17,730 133
KH AU ::Then Came the Night::

A guild for Kingdom Hearts RPing in a very special universe.

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, Role playing, Vampires, Supernatural, Organization XIII

Mr Rogers-Barnes Public 437 8
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