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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
TG Taizen A TG Anime, Manga, & Webcomic guild AmyofDawn Private 1,330 172
Anime Conventions: The Global Connection

A guild dedicated to sharing/discussing anime conventions, cosplay, and anime across the world

Tags: Convention, Cosplay, Anime, Otaku, Crossplay

Extreme Cuddler Public 16,631 2,538
Men in Skirts

A guild for boys who like dressing like girls, and girls who like boys who dress like girls.

Tags: crossplay, crossdressing, Femboy, Trap, Girlyboy

Pale Luna Smiles Wide Public 409 30
Cosplay Renegades Guild

Tags: cosplay, conventions

MelodiousFlurry Public 174 14
YouTubers of Gaia UNITE!

A guild for Gaians that have YouTube accounts to get together, talk about YouTube, share ideas, and loads more!

Tags: YouTube, Videos, Video Making, Chat, Enertainment

Pandamett Private 26 7
The Guild For Those With Too Much Imagination

A guild specifically designed for those who have imaginations bigger than even their dreams understand

Tags: Cosplay, Crossplay, Imagination, Writing, Role Play

AeroKite Public 439 15
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