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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
NSH (Notorius Swagg Hustla's) SW4G_Soldier Public 232 140
BlUe RaG SiDe CoNnEcTTiOn

The Official Blue Rag Side Connection Gand.No Hoodhoppers allowed!

Tags: Crip, blue rags, surenos, bloods killas, norputas killas

BRAY7O2 Public 77 57


Red_Blackspade Public 167 41

we dont fake it ese we just take it por que es la eme ese

Tags: crip, cartel, chapo, mexican, mafia

6400 Goon Camp Mafia Cripz

The realiest guild for real crip niggaz only

Tags: Cripz, Gangstaz, Killaz, Gorillaz, Dopeboyz

King Soulja_THB_ABN_98s Public 16 29
Gangsta Disciple Gangg G.D.

The Gangsters Disciples have roots that date back to the 1960s. Larry Hoover is the current leader of the GDs and has been since 1974.

YoungRixhKid_GD Public 2 7
Loc Mafia

Crips blue from the feet up.

Tags: Crip nation, Loc Loyalty, Royalty, Keep it Craccin cuz, Mafia

-I- QL -I- Private 63 51
WSC Crips

Thugging On Gaia Fack Everyone Who Dont Like

Tags: crew, crip, girls, gold, loyal

Ovowest Public 6 9
NYC Crips

Tags: NYC Crips, Crips, new york crips, ny crips, brookyln crips

Crip-Isaiah Public 2 3

This a BLU Lifestyle. Whether u a sureno or a crip we down with you. Even if you're asian. Just be a G with a BLUE

Tags: sur13, crips, blue, homies, family

13th sureno xiii Private 63 27
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