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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
B8 1023 Cosplay Towns

Integration of Cosplay Towns from Towns 1 to Towns 2

Tags: Cosplay, Roleplay, B8 1023, Towns

Sky of the Nights Light Private 295 330
Anime Help Guild

Guild for Anime, Manga, Japanese & Korean Drama, recommendations, and discussions and quizzes

Tags: Anime, Japnese drama, Manga, Korean drama, Recommend

nena_sakura Private 1,901 672
NGNL Cosplay/Roleplay

No Game No Life Cosplaying and Roleplaying group.

Tags: NGNL, No Game No Life, Cosplay, Roleplay, Anime

vvonderfull Private 5 8
The Sylph

An RP guild of second chances

Tags: Steampunk, Cosplay, Roleplay, Last Exile, Airships

Archangel486 Private 60 4
Akward Anime Production

Cosplay Fans

Tags: Cosplay, Roleplay, Hetalia, Anime, Furry

xXAwesomeFemPrussiaXx Public 1,254 9
A simple MLP cosplay / roleplay guild.

This is a guild for people who like MLP to meet up. Simple really!

Tags: Brony, Pegasister, My little pony, Cosplay, Roleplay

Matcha-San Public 154 24
The Fannibals

For Hannibal Fans

Tags: Hannibal, Will Graham, Poems, Fan Fiction, Fan Art

Hannibaby Lecter Public 11 11

For Fans of all kinds ~

Tags: nerd, monster, roleplay, fan club, friends

KawaiiPastelDreams Public 3,460 52
Tavris's Homestuck Guild!

For all of the Homestuck lovers and cosplayers

Tags: Homestuck, Cosplay, Roleplay, SBURB, SGRUB

Cobalt Mindfang Public 15 15
The Otaku Life

Anime, Roleplay, Cosplay!

Tags: Anime, Black Butler, Cosplay, Soul eater

Samkiel Junai Public 1 1
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