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✖ Noire Academy ✖

Sign a contract, learn new spells, become the most feared Necromancer of all.

Tags: Necromancer, Demon, Academy, Romance, Anime

Relmking Public 1,994 13
Highschool Syndicate Underground

Contractors and Humans forced to work together!

Tags: Highschool of the Dead, H.O.T.D, Darker Than Black, Contractors, The Syndicate

Turk5679 Public 3,299 30
No Man's Grave (Closed/Dead)

The story of assassins, hitmen, mercenaries, soldiers, and martial artists in a near-future America, divided into multiple nations.

Tags: action, modern, guns, realistic, romance

The American Dr Pan Public 226 11
Elyris ~ The Prophecy of Harmony !ACCEPTING MEMBERS!

For semi-to-full literates ONLY.

Tags: Fantasy, Military, Roleplaying, Kingdom, Medieval

EsperJay Private 2,435 2
Overwatch PSS - Private Military Contractors

A private security/military company

Tags: PMCs, Military, Army, Roleplay, Clan

JACKxRAWR Public 14 11
Caymen Global™

::Luxury is Our Devoted Pleasure::

Tags: Finance & Development, Luxury Resort, High-Class Weapons, High-Class Vehicles, High-Class Research

IC - Spark Private 35 5
Darker Than Black

The contract-is it worth the price?

Tags: Dark, Anime, Contractor, Syndicate, Hell's Gate

Whanderlust Public 96 14
Kingdom of Demons

Homes to all demons and half-breeds who want to live in a world for demonic beings.

Tags: demons, kingdom, contracts

Angel Raquel Private 2 3
International City of Misfits

A roleplay guild about a city steeped in the lawlessness and chaos of supernatural and highly talented outcasts.

Tags: Outlaws, Black Lagoon, Organized Crime, Darker than Black Contractors, Supernatural

Z Blades X Public 94 15
« ✩ » XINGZUO « ✩ »

an Asian-influenced B/C revolving around demons and their contractors.

Tags: xingzuo, demons, contractors, i am woe, blood jewels

ajackal Private 14 2
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