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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Experiment Series Guild

An exciting series about a bunch of animals who were experimented on by a possessed scientist and how they're dealing with they're new lives

molly the crazy angel Public 1,825 31
☆ Blue Moon Market ☆

This is simply a place for slave and master lovers to RP to their hearts content.

Tags: roleplay, slave, master, writing, literate

candy demon21 Private 2,790 51
[[ The Archive ]]

An Institution of Roleplay...

Tags: Archive, Roleplay, Miscallaneous, Deltise, The Archives

Deltise Private 35 16
Isles or Xperia

With the isles in a state of uncertainty when it comes to the near future, it's up to the few to save the many.

Tags: Adventure, Companionship, Fighting, Loss, Romance

Arisen prism Public 643 11
USS Heart's Desires

Yaoi, Shota, Master, Slave, Role Play

Tags: Yaoi, Shota, Master, Slave

II Uke-Senpai II Public 130 11
⊰ The House of Dragon and Phoenix ⊱

A companion roleplay for a creatively literate audience.

Tags: literate, advanced, unique, magic, fantasy

Kyra Kitsune Private 325 4
Dear Princess,

A guild where Christian women can gather to encourage, support, and grow alongside each other!

Tags: Jesus, Princess, Women, Encouragement, Teaching

Nutwin Private 29 2
The Black Card [A Claymore Guild]

This is, simply, a guild based on the anime/manga "Claymore".

Tags: Action, Plot, Fantasy, Fiction, Claymore

Shane-senpai Private 291 7
Province of War

The battle of races to takeover land, rescources and the power that comes with it.

Tags: Factions, Werewolf, Vampire

Squatcher Private 149 6
Twerk Squad - We welcome twerkers irrespective of gender etc

To "twerk" means to "dance in a sexually suggestive fashion by twisting the hips."

Tags: Twerk, Team, Companionship, Squad, Love

Achievement Get Public 3 6
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