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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Last Exile Official Guild

A community of fans of the anime series Last Exile.

Tags: Last Exile, steampunk, last, exile, anime

Exiled Puppet Public 1,559 260
THE Charity Event Guild

Charity Events held here!

Tags: Charity, Event, Santa, Claus

THE Santa Claus Public 1,766 227
Alternate Reality Roleplaying

We RP. Get used to it, and join already.

Tags: alternate, reality, roleplaying, school, pastafarianism

Yvansi Private 2,248 23
A G aian Wedding (Closed!)(Valentine Party up)

A G aian Wedding is a Wedding and Party planning buisness, but we also do lots of fun things within the guild, check us out! :D

Tags: Wedding, Party, Bride, Groom, Married

DeSilva Wedding Co Public 555 184
The Robo Tokoro Guild

A guild dedicated to the VGD's most Earthbound member

Tags: Earthbound, Mother, Robo Tokoro, Tails, Skeiver is awesome

Raged Skeiver Public 4,370 85
Kingdom Hearts Reloaded

Come fellow Nobodies and Somebodies

Tags: kingdom hearts, organization, disney, final fantasy

Axel_from_Demyx_Time Private 1,000 34
Merry Christmas..2010

Talk bout all ur favortie Christmas Time

Tags: Christmas, Family/Friends, Jesus, Santa, Presents/Food

AznPride8081 Public 445 253
Donate? help pooor needy gains NOW!!!

please help us we all need some help sometimes

Tags: gold, helping, gaians, charity, quest

iCuddleKins Public 64 1
Jigsaw Puzzle Addicts. ~ [NEW CONTESTS]

We are the Jigsaw puzzlers of Gaia. But any Gaia gamer is welcome here !

Tags: Puzzle, Jigsaw, Addicts, Insane, Easy

x Zombie Goes Raaaghh x Public 242 138
Rise of The Guardians (The Great Division)

Pitch Black is down but not out. He's worked his way from the pitfalls of being forgotten and has begun an alliance of his own.

Tags: Rise of the Guardians, Lore, Legend, Pitch Black, Boogeyman

Independent Renegade Public 577 6
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