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Guild for Slice of life and School anime fans.

Tags: Lucky Star, Clannad, Haruhi Suzumiya, School Rumble, Anime

Tsukasa Hiiragii Public 284 185
Mimi & Ura Academy

A school for those who just don't fit in..

Tags: Furry, Neko, Animals, School, Romance

Alliecat298 Public 3,023 29
Weiss Schwarz guild

Anime trading card game

Tags: card game, bushiroad, anime, weiss schwarz, white black

Lee Brent Public 311 27
The Official Visual Art's Key/Tactics Guild!

Tags: AirTV, Kanon, Clannad, AngelBeats

Minak0 Public 514 140
Welcome to the family!

A place to enjoy yourself and make good friends. Whether you get along or not welcome to the family!

Tags: dango, clannad, chatterbox, Ouran high school host club, family

Protedgy Public 988 114
Yukashima Academy: The Guild

This is the guild for the roleplay "Yukashima Academy: A School for All Species"

Tags: Supernatural, Yukashima, Community, School, Academy

xxdejiko Private 16 4
Otaku gun-dan

This guild is for discussing anime and release dates of new anime u can get all ure info on anime right here.

ShiroOokamiKun Public 40 26
roleplay heaven [ all is welcomed]

not much to say roleplaying.

Tags: training for roleplaying., fantasy roleplay, mediveal roleplay, war roleplay, have fun!

Lady_mist_shadow_fox Public 6 5
Raven Tail Guild

join to talk about anime, cosplay,and enjoy anime lovers

Tags: Naruto, Black Butler, Fairy Tail, Clannad-After Story, Blue Exorcist

Taylor_senpai Private 1 2
weeaboo warriors

This guild is open to anybody and everybody, especially if you like anime, video games, and hot people.

Tags: League of Legends, Anime, Weeaboo, Skype, Clannad

buying gf Public 33 28
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