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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Classical Musicians Guild

Tags: Classical, Musician, Band, Orchestra, Choir

`Kel` Public 4,665 1,213
The Official "Glee" Guild

Discuss the memories, laughs, tears, and joys you've shared with the show. Discuss future episodes and stay to chat while you watch!

Tags: Glee, Music, Television

InTheNameOfHyrule Private 5,216 994
Beyonce Knowles Official Fan Guild

Beyonce news ,tour dates, fragrances, music, dancing and more!

Tags: Entertainment, Music, Beyonce, Baby boy, Discussion

beyonce bff Public 471 135
~Academy of the dead~

Welcome to the school for undead

Tags: vampire, werewolf, rouge, contest, vampwolf

I Miaou I Public 1,938 80
Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts

A wizarding school that provides education for young witches and wizards who seek a theatrical or performance career.

Tags: Harry potter, JK Rowling, drama, performing arts, Magic

anbu_ninja_penguin Public 52 8
Académie de Magie Beauxbâtons

The magical school found in South of France, that participated in the Triwizard Tournament. We are looking for more students and professors!

Tags: Hogwarts, France, BeauxBatons, Roleplay, JK Rowling

Diamond Wales Public 702 18
Unmei Gakuen (Destiny Academy)

A School Life roleplaying guild, so people can be sociable, and learn with eachother on the courses.

Tags: Role Playing, School Life, Romance

TomoyaKoga Public 3 4
Koneko Academy

This is a Roleplay, its an Academy and you have classes, a dorm, everything it has to offer.

Tags: Roleplay, Classes, Academy, Dorms, Anime

Bani Cake Public 156 8
Spíti ti̱s Mageías

Crossover between Hogwarts and Darkest Powers A Genticlly altered wizard/witch and you showed signs of magic you never were supposed to show

Tags: Hogwarts, Darkest Powers, Magic, Harry Potter, secrets

Bunny Noiz Public 15 1
Maestoso Chorus

Gaia Online's premiere chorus of talented voices from across the globe.

Tags: Choir, Chorus, Chorale, Music, Singing

ComposerLibrettist Public 2 2
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