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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Classical Musicians Guild

Tags: Classical, Musician, Band, Orchestra, Choir

`Kel` Public 4,668 1,215
The Official "Glee" Guild

Discuss the memories, laughs, tears, and joys you've shared with the show. Discuss future episodes and stay to chat while you watch!

Tags: Glee, Music, Television

LilSketchMemory Private 5,216 994
Académie de Magie Beauxbâtons

The magical school found in South of France, that participated in the Triwizard Tournament. We are looking for more students and professors!

Tags: Hogwarts, France, BeauxBatons, Roleplay, JK Rowling

Diamond Wales Public 704 20
Beyonce Knowles Official Fan Guild

Beyonce news ,tour dates, fragrances, music, dancing and more!

Tags: Entertainment, Music, Beyonce, Baby boy, Discussion

beyonce bff Public 471 135
~Academy of the dead~

Welcome to the school for undead

Tags: vampire, werewolf, rouge, contest, vampwolf

I Miaou I Public 1,938 80
Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts

A wizarding school that provides education for young witches and wizards who seek a theatrical or performance career.

Tags: Harry potter, JK Rowling, drama, performing arts, Magic

anbu_ninja_penguin Public 52 8
Unmei Gakuen (Destiny Academy)

A School Life roleplaying guild, so people can be sociable, and learn with eachother on the courses.

Tags: Role Playing, School Life, Romance

TomoyaKoga Public 3 4
Koneko Academy

This is a Roleplay, its an Academy and you have classes, a dorm, everything it has to offer.

Tags: Roleplay, Classes, Academy, Dorms, Anime

Bani Cake Public 156 8
Spíti ti̱s Mageías

Crossover between Hogwarts and Darkest Powers A Genticlly altered wizard/witch and you showed signs of magic you never were supposed to show

Tags: Hogwarts, Darkest Powers, Magic, Harry Potter, secrets

Bunny Noiz Public 15 1
Maestoso Chorus

Gaia Online's premiere chorus of talented voices from across the globe.

Tags: Choir, Chorus, Chorale, Music, Singing

ComposerLibrettist Public 2 2
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