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Results for "Chat, Friends, Sex"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Pro-life Guild I.Am Private 36,815 914
Weird Inc.

We hab da cakes!

Tags: Chat, Friends, Sex, Questing, French, Trolling, Role Play, Word Games, Debate, Animals, Ponies, Canadians, Family, Memes

A-B0T Private 133,739 117
Five Nations; The Next Chapter

Naruto style guild (non cannon)

Tags: ninja, naruto, large scale war, ancient powers, romance

kesuke uchiha Private 23,593 34
The Furuba Fan Guild

For all the Fruits Basket Lovers.

Tags: Fruits Basket, Furuba, Manga, Anime, Zodiac

Sabishii Murasaki Private 4,698 363
Chroma Rush

Private Discussion Among Friends

Tags: bobs, stickam, me&you all night long, gambling, mudkipz

La Petit Milk Tea Private 5,475 26
The Heart of Durem (Recruiting)

Tags: Durem, Heart, Main, Kingdom, Towns

Aranel Anira Private 8,246 1,167
Its OUR Imagination! a whole new rp guild

imagination is our only unlimited resorse. lets keep it alive !!

Tags: imagination, kuro ha

Kuro-ha Kitsune7 Public 383 42
Rave on the DanceFloor

Friends, raves, chatting, fun, contests, gold, polls, music, pride, glowsticks, ecstacy, kandi, Plur

Tags: rave, techno, glowsticks, music, plurr

Reesha L Babiie Public 1,350 220
Parents of Gaia.

A place for all parents (or parents to be) of Gaia. Come talk about your kids and ask questions with other members. We support all families!

Tags: Parenting, Moms, Dads, Parents, Babies

averykae Public 25 21
†Raining Moon Academy†

This amazingly sexy guild has roleplaying, clubs, and more. It's the everything guild.

Tags: roleplaying, werewolves, emos, vampires, academy

LilyEatsDinosaurs Public 5,700 41
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