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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Necropolis Monopoly on Truth Public 2,959 50
Children of the Night

A role playing guild with discussions about games and other things!

Tags: Legend of Zelda, Escaflowne, Castlevania, Inuyasha, Vampire Hunter D

Draculas-Mistress Public 18,289 91
Castlevania Guild

A guild dedicated to all things Castlevania including Game Help, Fanworks, Roleplay, Discussions, and other Castlevania inspired content

Tags: castlevania, vampire, roleplay, videogame, belmont

Jinzouki Private 31,905 409
•The Official Resident Evil 4 Guild•

This is one of the only official Resident Evil guilds around, and we have been here for 3 years!

Tags: Resident, Evil, Zombies, Undead, Guns

Leon_S_Kennedy2122 Public 1,288 156
Castlevania: Requiem of despair

A Castlevania roleplay guild that takes place during the series's down time

Tags: Castlevania, Dracula, Vampires, role play

Crabknight22 Private 1,102 9
Lair Of The Leviathans

Guild Used For Roleplay Purposes

Tags: Roleplay, Fantasy, Castlevania, Elder Scrolls, Oblivion

Bloody God General Asch Public 39 5
castlevania fans or ppl who just want help and cheats

this guild is for every one who is stuck on a boss,wants to beat boss rush,or wants cheats and walkthroughs

xXsasuke561Xx Public 3 6
The Kingdom of Forizia

Various Creative Stories

Tags: Knights, Fire Emblem, Castlevania, Skyrim, Creative

aquosparadise Public 1,416 14
The 007 agents and Belmont Clan and Fantasy power group

For anyone interested in being agents or Belmont with powers

Tags: Double o 7, Belmont, Combat and gun experts, Hunting, Supernatural powers

Skyfall 007 Private 4 5
Time Rift

Heroes and villains must come together to defeat the time reaper and save their present times.

Tags: CastleVania, Judgement, Time, Rift, Vampires

Lil_Naraku91 Public 5 6
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