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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Demonic New York : Vampire/Lycan/Tainted/Hunter RP ((ERV))

The war of the vampires, demons, lycanthropes and hunters.

Tags: vampire, demon, lycan, hunter, roleplay

Rikku de Lioncourt Private 241,924 1,580
Assualt From The Stars

The Imperium is a empire exspanding fast defend it or attack your choice

Tags: Warhammer 40k, Space marine, Chaos, Warp, Emperor

LeaderOfTheFallen Public 8 7
The Bretheren's Court

a guild and safe haven for pirates

Tags: pirates, drinking, roleplay, battle, a jar of dirt

captain garth tucker Public 51 38
The Dungeons & Dragons Guild

A Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Guild - We have many active games, join requests are checked often, and everyone is accepted.

Tags: Dungeons, Dragons, Roleplaying, Dungeons and Dragons

Rain Yupa Private 122,119 870
Bullets & Carnage ~DOGS~

This is guild for any fans of DOGS and Shirow Miwa.

Tags: Bullets and Carnage, Shirow Miwa, Naoto, Haine, Badou

izuna_13_13 Public 339 25
Ragnarok: The end of times

A Literate to semi literate Rp

Tags: Magic, Action, Anime, Roleplaying, Romance

Bokyaku Kuchiki Public 9,579 12
Camp Half-Blood, Dimigods Vs. DimiTitens


Tags: Camp Half-Blood, Titens, gods, Camp Jupiter, dimi-gods

cTheAngelofMusic Public 172 14
Cafe World

C you W

Tags: be good, be helpful, be happy, be faithful, and do all the activity

II Ashi II Public 1 7

A world on the brink of destruction. Will you help? I will also help newbes learn how to rp.

Tags: Armageddon, Life, Death, Angels, Demons

TheFadedAbyssalNightmare Public 84 5
The Other Hundred Years War

An alternate history RP guild set in 2051.

Tags: WWII, Alternate History, Cold War, Futuristic, Frontline

Generic Infantry Public 80 7
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