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Results for "Butcher"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Final Fantasy VII Guild Azzehh Private 162,793 14,946
Highschool of the Dead Roleplay Guild

Fight to survive or die trying

Tags: Highschool of the Dead, Zombies, Undead, Roleplay, Survival

Grand Chevalier Haji Public 3,609 74
The Dresden Files Guild

Dedicated to the works of Jim Butcher, Dresden Files and Codex Alera

Tags: Dresden, Alera, Butcher, Magic

Shade Anam Nightsbane Public 2,180 203
DC: Universe 313

The DC Universe has be rewritten. Make your own story, and find your place as a hero, villain, or in between in DC Universe 313! *Semi-Lit*

Tags: DC Comics, Wonder Woman, superhero, Batman, Superman

Inked Sonnet Public 1,551 7
The Black Card [A Claymore Guild]

This is, simply, a guild based on the anime/manga "Claymore".

Tags: Action, Plot, Fantasy, Fiction, Claymore

Resident Feminazi Private 291 7
Ultimas: Original Superheroes Universe

A world, a universe, with its own heroes, villains, and everything in between.

Tags: Superpowers, Heroes, Villains, Original Universe, Literate

Malith of Praxius Private 35 6
ɢɑɪɑøɳɩɪɴɛ :: ʈhe ɩiterate ʂociety

If you are literate, you should be in this guild! All of GaiaOnline's literate members should be joined together. ❤

Tags: Role Playing, Writing, Literate, Anime, Epic

The Giving Ninja Private 88 12
Land of the Wretched (Naruto RP)

A Naruto-RP in an Apocalyptic setting. We are friendly group and hope you join us. We are currently holding contests!!

Tags: fighting, hard life, original character, armageddon, meggido

Gricenchos Public 174 9
The Golden Age Of Gaia

A Division that discusses these things Vending, Profile CSS,

Tags: Vending, Profile, Gold, Chatterbox, Donation

x - J a K e r s - x Private 81 45

Post apocalyptic dystopic roleplay

Tags: apocalypse, dystopia, post apocalypse

Seliina Kyle Private 218 4
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