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Shirogane's Feudal Yaoi Roleplay

This guild is a semi-literate to literate roleplay that focuses on BL (Boy love) in the Fuedal Era in Japan.

Tags: feudal, yaoi, roleplay, Boyxboy, doujinshi

Kamiwagane-San Public 42 12
What is love? {academy RP} (all love is welcome)

boyxboy,girlxgirl, teacherxstudent, girlxboy. All are accepted and more.

Tags: romance, yuri, yaoi, love, academy

Marshmallow Mika Public 3,397 114
S & M RPing PetxMaster

Any master can join, any pet w/ no home can join, we'll make sure to have you a most compfortable home living here ~♥

Tags: slave, master, yaoi, boyxboy, boys love

-Sukiko Oishi- Public 54 8
Kaede Academy - A Yaoi and Fantasy Roleplaying Guild

Based on a previous the Vampire/Yaoi RP in the Barton Town forums.

Tags: Kaede, Yaoi, Vampire, High School, Boy's love

Captain Alvilda Public 150 30

A safe haven from the closed minded, and a home to yaoitopians.

Tags: yaoi, boyxboy/manxman, haven, nation, role play

mililuvsneji Public 502 20
Literate Yaoi

An RP Guild for Skilled Yaoi Fans

Tags: Yaoi, Seme, Ukes, BoyxBoy, Slash

Seldom Tears Private 1,116 32
Yaoi is Love Yaoi is Life

A yaoi RP guild for literate roleplayers

Tags: yaoi, roleplay, nekos, gaypride, boyxboy

CuddlyFox17 Public 2,962 2
Kobura's Yaoi Club

Yaoi for Days

Tags: Yaoi, BoyxBoy, Seme Uke

Kobura24 Public 93 21
chaos slayers


Tags: yoai, boyxboy, demonslayer, love, roleplay

Please Senpai Private 16 2
Role Playing Lovely Fun~ (U/C)

currently (U/C) This is a Guild wear we role play~ BUT A GIANT PART IS YURI AND YAOI!

Tags: yaoi, yuri, roleplay, fantasy, romance

Elli March Public 97 11
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