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✧ The Fanged Ones ✧

Where Vampires, Werewolves and others can roleplay together peacefully! Or... not.

Tags: Vampire, Werewolf, Angels, Demons, Elves, Romance, Thrill, Suspense, Roleplay

His Fair Maiden Public 18,451 49
Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency

In a world where a deadly disease transforms innocent victims into Zombies, a long dormant government task force is called to action.

Tags: Zombies, vampires, roleplay, hunters, slayers

Ayperos Phantom Private 4,190 138
A fantasy role-play~

A guild about anything from magic, to magical creatures! A role-play~

Tags: Fantasy, Role-playing, Magical creatures, Mythical, Myth

Angelic Nicolette Public 490 21
The Vampire Diaries-Rewritten

Mystic Falls, home to only humans. Or so everyone thinks. But, secretly, there are vampires, werewolves, witches, and even hybrids hidden.

Tags: Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Choices, Mythology

Lady Shimizu Public 28 8
Role Play Geeks!

This guild is for ANYTHING role play. We have Rp from vampires to school to percy jackson. So join because its loads of fun!

Tags: Werewolves, Vampires, School, Percy Jackson, Twilight

CupieeCakes Public 2,422 81
Hi Im (Insert your name here) and Im a gaia online addict!

Gaia, as we know, is very very veeeeery addicting. Thats why we love it! We are here to support you in the fight against addiction!

Tags: addict, gaia online, entertainment, hang out, role play

CupieeCakes Public 162 144
V.A., School of Vampires

A school for new and old vampires.

Tags: Vampire Academy, Vampire, Academy, Role Play, School

Xohasij Public 42 9
[The Game]

Welcome to The Game! Compleate each level to get special prizes and other goodies!

Tags: Roleplay, Action, Adventure, Romance, Sci-Fi

Delirious Bagels Public 587 9
Noobpyre Hunting Squad

An organization of members sick of the 'vampire fad'.

Tags: Anti-Noobpyre, Vampire, NoobPyre, Hunter, Mercenary

AryanWrath Public 10 5
Vampires and Vampiresses Unite

This is a place for vampires and vampiresses to come together.

Tags: Vampire, Vampiress, Blood, Bloodsuckers, Twilight

Cuddly Cookiecat123456 Public 38 58
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