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✧ The Fanged Ones ✧

Where Vampires, Werewolves and others can roleplay together peacefully! Or... not.

Tags: Vampire, Werewolf, Angels, Demons, Elves, Romance, Thrill, Suspense, Roleplay

His Fair Maiden Public 18,476 50
† The Videl Academy † [O/A]

When the clock strikes twelve, the school becomes hell...

Tags: Horror, Mystery, Suspense, Supernatural, Academy

XxIce_ReaperxX Private 7,660 60
Role Play Geeks!

This guild is for ANYTHING role play. We have Rp from vampires to school to percy jackson. So join because its loads of fun!

Tags: Werewolves, Vampires, School, Percy Jackson, Twilight

CupieeCakes Public 2,422 81
V.A., School of Vampires

A school for new and old vampires.

Tags: Vampire Academy, Vampire, Academy, Role Play, School

Xohasij Public 42 8
[The Game]

Welcome to The Game! Compleate each level to get special prizes and other goodies!

Tags: Roleplay, Action, Adventure, Romance, Sci-Fi

Delirious Bagels Public 587 9
Noobpyre Hunting Squad

An organization of members sick of the 'vampire fad'.

Tags: Anti-Noobpyre, Vampire, NoobPyre, Hunter, Mercenary

AryanWrath Public 10 5
Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency

In a world where a deadly disease transforms innocent victims into Zombies, a long dormant government task force is called to action.

Tags: Zombies, vampires, roleplay, hunters, slayers

Ayperos Only Private 4,190 134
Vampires and Vampiresses Unite

This is a place for vampires and vampiresses to come together.

Tags: Vampire, Vampiress, Blood, Bloodsuckers, Twilight

Cuddly Cookiecat123456 Public 38 58
A fantasy role-play~

A guild about anything from magic, to magical creatures! A role-play~

Tags: Fantasy, Role-playing, Magical creatures, Mythical, Myth

Angelic Nicolette Public 490 20
The Vampire Diaries-Rewritten

Mystic Falls, home to only humans. Or so everyone thinks. But, secretly, there are vampires, werewolves, witches, and even hybrids hidden.

Tags: Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Choices, Mythology

Lady Shimizu Public 28 8
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