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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
.:The House Of Night!:.

This is a guild for the lovers of the House of Night Series.

Tags: House of Night, Marked, Betrayed, Untamed, Hunted

Terrahfied Private 13,732 182
SHINee Five Stars From the Universe

A guild celebrating the K-Pop sensation SHINee

Tags: Replay, Lucifer, Universe, SHINee, onew jonghyun taemin minho key

Xits the Tragedy Public 3,794 659
House of Night: Colombia

A role-play guild based off of the series by P.C. Cast

Tags: Zoey Redbird, House of Night, Vampyres, Marked, Role-play

Hopeless Reality Private 292 14
ℱang VϨ ℱang

Fang verses Fang. A NEW Were-wolf, Vampire, slayer role-play guild for the dark and feral at heart.

Tags: slayer, fang, battle, wolf, vampire

Dreams Can Kill Private 1,139 8
HOTD Next Generation

Almost 30 years after the last zombie was killed on earth, things seem to be back to normal. That is untill a new breed of zombie's arrive.

Tags: HOTD, Zombies, Semi-Literate, killing, blood

Fantasizing Dreams Public 1,275 7
the world of soul eater

for people who love soul eater & role playing

Tags: soul, eater, role, playing

kaoru 94 sensei Public 36 10
The L.U.S.T. Group : Guild Edition

Let Us Steal That!

Tags: Deadman's Shadow, LUST, Kamila, BloodLust, zOMG!

Poyudi Hytori Private 228 140
Three Great Worlds, Many Great Souls

"Even though we are from different worlds, our souls are all connected."

Tags: Worlds, Souls, Great, Roleplay, Vampires

Sonia Songblade Public 2,016 39
† Ill met by Moonlight †

Walk among the cursed and the damned here in Ill met by the Moonlight.

Tags: Vampire

Ash De Fioru Private 38 4
Cross Academy: New Beginnings

A Semi-Literate to Advance Literate Vampire Knight Role-Play

Tags: Romance, Vampire Knight, Cross Academy, Vampires, Vampire Hunters

Sakuran H Private 3,187 12
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