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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Devil Born: Chronicles of Blackthorn

A Demons and Fallen Angels Role Playing guild.

Tags: Role Playing, Demons

Xagetta Blackthorn Public 699 16
Blackthorn City Academy

A brand-new academy right here in Johto! Now open~! ;)

Tags: Pokemon, Academy, Literate, Roleplay, Adventure

Winevy Private 5,138 7

Tags: Fantlandia, Romance, Adventure, Fantasy, Role Play

black_thorns01 Public 190 20
Creatures of Blackthorn Hollow

(open/accepting) A small inn plagued by a mysterious haunting. Roleplay here...if you dare.

Tags: Blackthorn, haunted, creatures, supernatural, literate

poseur27 Private 1,372 12
Warriors of the Forest Roleplay

A roleplay based on a series WOTF

Tags: Role play, Warrior, Cats, WOTF, Clan

Sunny_blue_shy Private 2,298 47
Warriors: Death in The Night

Live as a cat when you follow the law, or destroy it.

Tags: Warriors, Warrior, Cats, Clan, Erin Hunter

The Academy for The Wicked - Blackthorne Welcomes You.

This is a Roleplay about an Academy called Blackthorne Academy, which has anything from demons to vampires, from ghosts to werewolves.

Tags: Vampire, Demon, Academy, Human, Monster

Rather Unholy Public 1,365 25
Gallagher and Blackthorn Academies

This is an interactive spy school RP guild where we have classes in towns, RP in towns and forums.

Tags: Towns, Gallagher Academy, School, Clandestine, Roleplay

Raimo Jussi Public 3,059 40
Lunar Tales

A newly formed cult has appeared, made from shape-shifters to take on Werewolves, most of them being friends or even family.

Tags: WereWolves, Action, Shape shifters, Elements, Fantasy

DarkKitsune713 Private 476 16
Star Trek: Effra

The voyages of the USS Effra, a tough old starship, and her crew, led by Captain Rosa Blackthorne.

Tags: Star Trek, Sci-fi, 23rd century, non-canon, original series era

Rubiginosa Private 8 3
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