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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Gaian Swat Force (Recruiting!!)

Tags: swat, gaia, gaianswatforce, swatforce, military

Lt McCloud Private 3,737 1,184

this is anbu the guild of all the anbus of naruto

Tags: anbu, naruto, balence, peace, world

Tobi IV Public 98 6
A life in Feudal Japan

A giant RPG set in Feudal Japan!!

Tags: Feudal, Japan, ninja, samurai, bushido

Aviddreamer17 Public 73 28
The Anbu Black-Ops

We are an elite group of ninja, we are the best of the best we DON'T lose. Caan you handle the job?

Tags: Naruto, Anime, Anbu, Ninja, Assassins

Kage Kuraudo Public 5 10
HOTD xXLitXMuffinsXx Public 2 1
Elite BlackOps

Never Disgrace this tag. EVER

Tags: Loyalty, Commitment, zOMG, Community, Helping

TheOriginalFatality Private 15 6
black-op assassin's

all who join will become and assassin/black-op and u may be hired to tail fallow and find info on target

Tags: assassin, black-ops, tail, target, group

Nikorasu Shishiro Public 11 5
Black Ops Forces Division(BFD)

We are one.. we are black ops..

Tags: Blackops, Military, Mercenaries, Army

XxDeathLordJasonxX Public 84 18
Anbu black-ops

we are anbu yes from naruto the ones whit mask

Tags: anbu, the 3rd squad

Axelfire144 Private 4 3
Black Ops 2: The KillHouse

A COD Black Ops II guild deicated to the online play.

Tags: blackops2, callofduty, blops2

ExadusInfinite Private 22 2
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