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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Dragon Age : A Real Fans Guild

A dragon age guild. Game focused. A rp forum is available though.

Tags: Dragon, Dragon age origins, Bioware, Grey Warden, Dragon age 2

Vir Adahlen Public 5,061 196
Anima Corporation

Welcome To Anima Corporation, World's Best Pharmaceutical and Biologicly Advanced Organization. Roleplayers welcome.

Tags: Anima Corporation, Umbrella, Military, Empire, bio-ware

ileon lionheart Private 183 64
The Old Republic

Star Wars The Old Republic MMO gathering and more.

Tags: Star Wars, Old republic, MMORPG, Role Playing, sci fi

Kasius Unlimited Public 19 32
Mass Effect : Stories of the Galaxy

Become a Warrior, Choose your path, Save the Galaxy.

Tags: Mass Effect, Relay, Asari, Turian, Shepard

The Crossed Fox Private 7 3
Dragon Age B/C Guild

The Guild for the pet shop run by Auberron

Tags: Dragon Age, Darkspawn, Grey Warden, Bioware, Pets

Auberron Public 109 1
The Bioware Fan Guild

For all fans of Bioware related games.

Tags: Bioware, dragon age origins, mass effect, jade empire, Roleplay

Desmond Belmont Private 1,565 112
Dragon Age Roleplay Guild -Temporarily Closed-

Warden or Crow, Qunari or Dwarf, Mage or Templar, your destiny awaits you here.

Tags: Dragon Age, Roleplay, Fantasy, Bioware, Magic

Dione Nightly Public 6,836 19
Dragon Age: Crusade BC

War is on the horizon, which side are you on?

Tags: Dragon Age, Bioware

Hopeless Crusade Public 89 5
Star Wars: The Old Republic Fans

From the game to RPs, we all love SWTOR!

Tags: Star Wars, SWTOR, The Old Republic, MMORPG, BioWare

[Philosophy In A Teacup] Public 11 13
Mass Effect Roleplay

Roleplay as characters in the Mass Effect Universe before Shepard's fame.

Tags: Mass Effect, Roleplay, Shepard, Bioware

unrealfan11 Private 2 1
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