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Welcome to Rapture ~ A Bioshock Guild

Gather up all of you Splicers!

Tags: bioshock, rapture, big daddy, splicer, subject delta

ChewbaccaBigSis Public 2,108 471
Multi-Video Game Role Playing

popular Games role play starts here

Tags: Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Role Playing, video games, multi fandom

Nephilim Pride Private 891 32
Law and Fontain's Lounge

Come mingle with Cannon characters of all fandoms.

Tags: One piece, Bioshock, Attack on Titan, Soul Eater, Hetalia

Shichibuki Trafalgar Law Public 6,805 20
Spam Central

Uh.. I use this place as a spam place to pitch ideas?

Tags: role playing, spam, humor, idiots, free time

Alleric Shion Private 323 3
BioShock: LEGEND -Under Construction

Alternate realities clash in this daring BioShock RP Guild.

Tags: BioShock, BioShock Infinite, Rapture, Roleplay, guns

astrenose Public 452 2
Bioshock Infinite

A guild for hardcore fans of Bioshock who can't wait for the next game.

Tags: bioshock, columbia, floating, magic

-I- Rabiem -I- Public 133 125
Bioshock- The fight for rapture(closed)

The setting is an underwater city full of drug junkies power crazed leaders, and people turned into freaks to aid the leaders.

Tags: Andrew Ryan, Big daddy, Splicer, Big sister, Rapture

III Minato Namikaze III Private 20 8
BioShock: Requiem

A roleplay set in Rapture. Can you survive in this fallen paradise?

Tags: Games, Roleplay, BioShock

Oncaro Private 256 5
я α ρ т υ г е

A Bioshock rp: Deep within the bowels of Rapture lies two groups at war, The Leviathan and the Nesperiah.

Tags: Bioshock, Role Playing, Underwater, Gangs, Anime

jaeger prime Public 21 4
Ozymandias' Echo

A discussion and roleplay guild dedicated to Bioshock.

Tags: Bioshock, Roleplay, Discussion, Fans, Infinite

Epic Simplicity Private 20 3
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