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Beyblade: The New Generation

In this guild, you can create your own character, grab your bey, and battle! And you can talk about Beyblade too! Rp and discussion!

Tags: Beyblade, Roleplay, Discussion, Metal Masters, Let it rip

Aeoru Public 1,707 63
Inner Sanctum (Working Title: Open to the Public)

Tags: Beyblade, Death Note, Free Role Play, Resident Evil

Siefren Public 1,236 29
Kingdom Adventures - An RP based guild Terrance_Nicolas_Bogard Public 306 40
The world dionnebuchan Public 170 33
The second Renaissance Galaxy Guild

Popular shows/movies to the obsolete shows/movies

Tags: Twilight, Dragonball, Beyblade, Kingdom, Hearts

empress dee Public 3,627 39
Beyblade: BBA Headquarters

A perfect guild for a perfect fan.

Tags: Roleplay, Beyblade, Bakuten

iKoneko Rei Public 51 36
The fighter's union

King of Fighters, Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Dragonball Z (Kingdom hearts may be included also)

Tags: Fighters, Union, Sephiroth, Naruto, Dragonball

empress dee Public 35 7
Beyblade, Metal Ancients

Tags: Bahamut, Beyblade, Dragoon, Anime, Roleplay

Grima4111 Public 112 13
Favorite Animes

All anime lovers are allowed and can talk about any of them i will name mine below

Tags: Favorite, Anime, Manga, Lovers

hot xlrate Public 13 23
Beyblade Universe (Under Construction)

A guild for the Roleplay and talk of Beyblade. (OCs accepted)

Tags: Beyblade, Roleplay, Ginga, Bit Beast

Valiantly Public 13 8
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