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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
C.O.G. GEARs (The Coalition of Ordered Governments)

Brothers till the end.

Tags: soldiers, Gears of war, elte, military, Roleplay

Prince Ayperos Hellbond Private 782 201
Brotherhood of Steel (Gaia chapter)

Submit to the Brotherhood, Fight for the Brotherhood, Conquer for the Brotherhood

Tags: Military, Brotherhood, Tactics, Fallout, Brotherhood of Steel

Prince Ayperos Hellbond Public 34 1
It All Started With.... ( Open & Accepting~! )

If you love something you will let it go....but what if it comes back...?

Tags: romance, lies, betrayal, good vs bad, fighting

Alliecat298 Public 119 13
Naruto: Path of the Shinobi

A Literate Naruto Roleplaying guild. Each character has a chance to bring direct change into the story as it revolves around each one.

Tags: Naruto,, Roleplay,, Literacy,, Path of the Shinobi,, POTS,

Tsumuro Private 13,164 65
~*Crimson Night*~: The Rp Guild

Roleplaying guild derived from the original ~*Crimson Night*~ Fantasy Rp Thread

Tags: Fantasy, Vampires, Roleplay, Elves, Demons

OrliDeppgrl1526 Private 3,577 17
Village of shadow's

Adventure Role Play

Tags: Assassin, Fighting

Resounding_Darkness Private 6,267 9
D.Gray-man: The Millennium Menace [Open and Accepting]

An alternate reality where you are your own main character.

Tags: Anime, Role Playing, D. Gray Man, Allen, Lenalee

II Kenji Uchiha II Private 929 8
Soul Eater Roleplay ''(DWMA)''

A Guild Where You Can create your own world with Soul Eater

Tags: Violence, Romance, Manga, Roleplay, Entertainment

My Last Wish Public 6 2
Let's Make An Awesome Rp

Ideas to make an awesome rp

Tags: College, Love, Betrayal, Life, Manga/Anime

Kage Setsuna Public 260 5

An RP based on a novel I was thinking of writing.

Exquisite Vintage Private 7 4
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