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All Dutch People Enter

One of the oldest and biggest Dutch Languaged Guild of Gaia. No fee, always welcome!

Tags: Dutch, Netherlands, Nederland, Belgium

kittyocean Private 148,046 1,323
The Hetalia Axis Powers world Rp

You may be one of the characters from Hetalia and/or your own^^.

Tags: Hetalia, anime, Role playing

UndertakerXWrage Private 1,519 20

If you loooooooveeeeeee Hetalia and you love to roleplay :D

Tags: hetalia, country, anime, axis, powers

itachan1039 Public 555 182
Gaia Fan Club @ Japan Expo Belgium

This is a guild about the upcoming Gaia Fan Club project at the Japan Expo Belgium Convention.

Tags: GaiaOnline, Fanclub, Expo, Convention, Belgium

Etoile Celeste Public 58 27
The Joseph Merrick Guild

A guild dedicated to a very special man who's inspired many in the world

Tags: Joseph Merrick, Elephant Man, Curiosity, Misunderstood, Guild.

Tibu_Domo_Rosemary Public 2 2
Hetalian Midnight Crew

Home of the Hetalian Midnight Crew and The Felt

Tags: Hetalia, Midnight Crew, Homestuck, Felt, Derp

Home of Stuck Private 79 22
A Very Yaoi Hetalia Cottage

A Hetalia Roleplay

Tags: Hetalia, roleplay, anime, history, Yaoi

EnchantedLuck Private 229 10
Hetalia Fans!

Welcome Hetalians to the fandom~

Tags: Hetalia, Anime, World Series, Axis Powers, Beautiful World

MonochromaticMoon Public 306 25
The Hetalia World Academy!

An academy for all the countries in the world!

Tags: Hetalia, Role-play, Academy, Limited Time

AnimeKittenBabe Public 272 19
Beauxbatons Academy of Magic (Hiatus)

Académie de Magie Beauxbâtons, Harry Potter Role-play!

Tags: Harry Potter, Beauxbatons, Hogwarts, Triwizard Tournament

Santiago Campos Private 70 4
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