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If you loooooooveeeeeee Hetalia and you love to roleplay :D

Tags: hetalia, country, anime, axis, powers

itachan1039 Public 555 182
The Hetalia Axis Powers world Rp

You may be one of the characters from Hetalia and/or your own^^.

Tags: Hetalia, anime, Role playing

UndertakerXWrage Private 1,519 20
Hetalian Midnight Crew

Home of the Hetalian Midnight Crew and The Felt

Tags: Hetalia, Midnight Crew, Homestuck, Felt, Derp

Home of Stuck Private 79 22
All Dutch People Enter

One of the oldest and biggest Dutch Languaged Guild of Gaia. No fee, always welcome!

Tags: Dutch, Netherlands, Nederland, Belgium

kittyocean Private 148,128 1,325
Gaia Fan Club @ Japan Expo Belgium

This is a guild about the upcoming Gaia Fan Club project at the Japan Expo Belgium Convention.

Tags: GaiaOnline, Fanclub, Expo, Convention, Belgium

Etoile Celeste Public 58 27
The Joseph Merrick Guild

A guild dedicated to a very special man who's inspired many in the world

Tags: Joseph Merrick, Elephant Man, Curiosity, Misunderstood, Guild.

Tibu_Domo_Rosemary Public 2 2
A Very Yaoi Hetalia Cottage

A Hetalia Roleplay

Tags: Hetalia, roleplay, anime, history, Yaoi

EnchantedLuck Private 229 10
Hetalia Fans!

Welcome Hetalians to the fandom~

Tags: Hetalia, Anime, World Series, Axis Powers, Beautiful World

MonochromaticMoon Public 306 25
The Hetalia World Academy!

An academy for all the countries in the world!

Tags: Hetalia, Role-play, Academy, Limited Time

AnimeKittenBabe Public 272 18
Beauxbatons Academy of Magic (Hiatus)

Académie de Magie Beauxbâtons, Harry Potter Role-play!

Tags: Harry Potter, Beauxbatons, Hogwarts, Triwizard Tournament

Santiago Campos Private 73 8
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