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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Cult of the Sad Clown

We're a cult devoted to sad clowns.

Tags: Sad Clown, Cult, Washing Machine

Pastel Pimp Public 2,025 16
The Gaian 9/12 Project

An indipendent guild inspired and heavily based off of Glenn Back's 9/12 project

Tags: Glenn, Beck, project, politics, principles

notmuch_23 Private 1,156 33
More than Mediocre

Just like the name states, we're just a little bit more awesome than you thought.. This is just a general chat guild, talk about whatever!

Tags: Music, Video Games, Movies, Film, Beck

EquineHeart_Alchemist Public 8,824 16
The Animator's Anime And Common Interest Guild

Animes such as Naruto, and Fruit and Baskets

Tags: Anime, Fruits and Baskets, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, Kingdom Hearts

yugi9653 Public 98 26
Free Escape

A free escape for the mind to take a vacation off into the world of role play, ranting, chattering, protest and world domination on my part.

Tags: role play, romance, chatterbox, free, escape

yourswerty4 Private 603 28
Republican and Tea Party join the fight to save America

we are here to save America we going to 2012 so join us if your a conserative

Tags: Political, Republican, Tea Party, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbugh

debtholiday Public 6 2
ICA International Contract Agency

The International Contract Agency (ICA) is a global conglomerate of hitmen and professional assassins, whose services are loaned to wealthy

Tags: Hitman, Agent 47, Agency, Contract, Assassinate

Sergent_ACL Public 5 1
Boss Bxtchs and Boss thugs

when YOU talk people LISTEN

Tags: sexy

x-ShesUnique Public 20 34
Shining Village (A harvest moon : rune factory RP)

Romance, Roleplaying, Farming, how can you resist!

Tags: Role Playing, Game, Romance, Harvest_Moon, Socail

Fiandor Public 6 1
War Mongers

A home for those who play tale-top war games, such as Warhammer, Hordes, War Machine, and RPGs.

Tags: Table top, gaming, miniatures, RPGs, mongers

Nemimo Public 74 7
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