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The Animator's Anime And Common Interest Guild

Animes such as Naruto, and Fruit and Baskets

Tags: Anime, Fruits and Baskets, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, Kingdom Hearts

yugi9653 Public 98 26
Free Escape

A free escape for the mind to take a vacation off into the world of role play, ranting, chattering, protest and world domination on my part.

Tags: role play, romance, chatterbox, free, escape

yourswerty4 Private 603 28
Cult of the Sad Clown

We're a cult devoted to sad clowns.

Tags: Sad Clown, Cult, Washing Machine

Pastel Pimp Public 2,025 16
The Gaian 9/12 Project

An indipendent guild inspired and heavily based off of Glenn Back's 9/12 project

Tags: Glenn, Beck, project, politics, principles

notmuch_23 Private 1,156 33
More than Mediocre

Just like the name states, we're just a little bit more awesome than you thought.. This is just a general chat guild, talk about whatever!

Tags: Music, Video Games, Movies, Film, Beck

EquineHeart_Alchemist Public 8,824 16
Republican and Tea Party join the fight to save America

we are here to save America we going to 2012 so join us if your a conserative

Tags: Political, Republican, Tea Party, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbugh

debtholiday Public 6 2
ICA International Contract Agency

The International Contract Agency (ICA) is a global conglomerate of hitmen and professional assassins, whose services are loaned to wealthy

Tags: Hitman, Agent 47, Agency, Contract, Assassinate

Sergent_ACL Public 5 1
Boss Bxtchs and Boss thugs

when YOU talk people LISTEN

Tags: sexy

x-ShesUnique Public 20 34
Shining Village (A harvest moon : rune factory RP)

Romance, Roleplaying, Farming, how can you resist!

Tags: Role Playing, Game, Romance, Harvest_Moon, Socail

Fiandor Public 6 1
War Mongers

A home for those who play tale-top war games, such as Warhammer, Hordes, War Machine, and RPGs.

Tags: Table top, gaming, miniatures, RPGs, mongers

Nemimo Public 74 7
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