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Bleach: Bladestorm

~A Bleach role play guild.

Tags: bleach, shinigami, soul reapers, espada, zanpakuto, visored, sword, blade, arrancar, soul society, seireitei, spirits, ghosts, fighting, battle, war, death, destruction, conflict

III Kushina Namikaze III Private 607 22
Naruto: Blood Ties

Naruto related UA

Tags: Naruto, Blood, Ninja, Battle, Wars

AgonizingChance Private 868 8
The Last Man Standing

May the Angels, Demons or Humans win this dreaded war.

Tags: LastManStanding, Warrp, Angels, Demons, Humans

Mind_Funeral Public 654 7
Beyond God's Reapers (BGR) PS3 COD BO

For Call Of Duty players, a clan now recruing.

Tags: Gaian, Call Of Duty, Play Station 3, Battles, Wars

DragonFire0791 Public 195 5
New World of the Lost

Come join us in a whole new world where nearly anything can happen, but watch out, there are alot of things out there. So come and have fun!

Tags: Super Natural, Battle, Wars, Romance, Everything Else

vannilla_caramell Private 3,235 17
Warriors: DuskClan, The Lost Clan

Thanks to Erin Hunter for the amazing books and the website that is always useful

Tags: Adventure, Training, Clans, Battles, Wars, Prey

Snowstar16 Public 6 4
E.D.E.N Reign ~it totally Under Construction~

Shapeshifters, clans, battles and twist. oh yea! come join!!

Tags: Packs, battles, nature, shapeshifters

disgracedwolf Public 168 4
Angels of Snow (Modern War of Angles) (U/A)

Pick a side, socialize, battle, and pray you'll survive

Tags: fight, modern, angels, Battle, Wars

Jackal of Judgement Public 102 7
One Piece RP; A World in Chaos

Set sail on an epic adventure! Rather you sail for One Piece or justice, make your dreams come true in a world in chaos!

Tags: semi-literate, One Piece, Pirates, Marines, Guild wide

SuperExplosivePoptart Public 974 18
Nαʀυтo/Bʟeαcн: Στеʀηαʟ Rɪѵαʟs

The Naruto verse meets the Bleach verse, A war has broke out... Which side will you choose?

Tags: Roleplay, Love/Romance, Shinobi/Soulreaper, Battle/War

Ramisiku Private 1,532 13
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