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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Final Fantasy, wrath of Gora

This is a Final Fantasy guild I created

Tags: Final Fantasy, Gilgamesh, Bahamut, Leviathan, Role play

Grima4111 Public 2,371 31
Fullmetal Alchemist: Rise of the Chimeras

A new roleplay guild for FMA. No need to be lit!

Tags: Fullmetal Alchemist, Bahamut, Gilgamesh, Roleplay, Anime

Grima4111 Public 99 14
Pokemon: Amethyst, Amber, Onix and Marine Blue

This is a new Pokemon Region

Tags: Bahamut, Pokemon, Gilgamesh, Anime, Role Play

Grima4111 Public 1,219 12
Beyblade, Metal Ancients

Tags: Bahamut, Beyblade, Dragoon, Anime, Roleplay

Grima4111 Public 112 13
Pokemorph Island

This is a pokemon RP guild

Tags: Pokemon, Bahamut, Gilgamesh, Irou, Wonder Magician

Grima4111 Public 590 14
Yugioh 5ds Raise of Eggman Nega

This is a Yugioh 5ds guild I created.

Tags: Yugioh, Bahamut, Machina Emperor, Anime, Role Play

Grima4111 Public 821 11
Legend of Dragoon, wrath of Cendrillon

This is a Legend of Dragoon Guild I created

Tags: Bahamut, Legend of Dragoon, Anime, Gilgamesh, Roleplay

Grima4111 Public 25 8
Kingdom Hearts, Unleashed

Tags: Bahamut, Gilgamesh, Claire, Leon, Kingdom Hearts

Grima4111 Public 685 10
Mobage Kingdom (Rage of Bahamut) *UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

This guild is designed for the players of the world whom play the game Rage of Bahamut only!

Tags: Rage of Bahamut, Mobage, Cards, Collection, Game

Thirteenth King Public 52 22
Cardfight Vanguard, Raise of the Numbers

This is a Cardfight Vanguard guild I created

Tags: Cardfight Vanguard, Misaki, Anime, Roleplay, Bahamut

Zoe4111 Public 1,190 11
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