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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Welcome To The House Of Sohma - Fruits Basket SohmaIsuzu Public 2,136 153
Donate? help pooor needy gains NOW!!!

please help us we all need some help sometimes

Tags: gold, helping, gaians, charity, quest

iCuddleKins Public 64 1
Gold Generator

Helps people make more Gaia Gold

Tags: free, gold, dream, avitar, tektek

-Freedom To Hevan- Public 1,302 1,629

LET'S PLAY DnD :D Drop in drop out!

Fox Eats Meat Private 65 5
~slave,servant~ ROLEPLAY OR REAL (on gaia)

Please join and you wont regret it ^.^

OHgawdARI Public 6 17
Forelorn Nightshade

My packs name is Forelorn Nightshade Pack; a pack is more thana pack its a family so please come and join us

Tags: Wolf, Pack, Clan, Family, Role Playing

tildeathdowepart9097 Private 5 7
All in 1

All in One, like you know we do everything..

Tags: roleplaying, artistic, avitar, give, aways

voodoo g Public 31 8
Gaia Creativity

Guild for the Creativity of all of Gaia Online Users

Tags: Creative, Avitar, Writing, Anime

Undead Adventurer Public 32 5
Helping Hands- A Trading Guild!

Trade stuff for stuff!

Tags: trade, stuff, dream avitar, items, help

UE Inu Yokai Public 7 6
The Orange Mayhem Project

We're a group gathering for anticipation of the Halloween 2k14 Event.

Ted D Ber Public 4 9
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