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*Avalon* ~A Pagan's Fantasy~ Lunaki3 Private 5,709 66
Camelot: The New Era. U.C.

Everyone knows the story of Camelot and the struggle between brother and sister. But what happens when Arthur falls?

Tags: Camelot, Knights, Avalon, Unseelie Seelie Fae, Magic

Kitiara_fox Private 604 1

An RP guild in which the stories come to live, but which side will you choose?

Tags: Dark Hunters, Gods, Romance, Role Play, Paranormal

Lucifel Deamoni Private 5,128 25
. . ~ Avalon ~ . .

Tags: Avalon, Fiction, RolePlay, Story, Fantasy

Nauzael Public 1,196 2
Little Village of Avalon

Unreleased Sections, Limited Editions, Retired Items, & Art Collection.

Tags: artNtoybox, FRfoi, ASadf, MSlvoa

Mehu_Vilya Public 5,309 20
Avalon: High school of the Elite

Where our Dreams and Hopes Begin!

Tags: Avalon, Highschool, Roleplaying, Anime, Entertainment

Dark King Phantomhive Private 16,341 220
The Valsaren Chronicles (Closed for Reconstruction)

Welcome to the Kingdom Of Valsaren

Tags: RolePlay, Adventure, Kingdom, SemiLiterate, Fantasy

Fang Massacre Public 3,660 53
Kingdom Of Avalon

Avalon is in great danger, Dragons have come and invaded the four territories

Tags: kingdom, fantasy, dragons, magic, fighting

Heralds of Chaos: Dawnstriders

Whether you are a curious Flamewing, forceful Hellspawn or a stout Avalon – everyone can join the guild of the Dawnstriders.

Tags: heralds, chaos, flameborn, hellspawn, avalon

Rizrazzle Public 157 43
Avalon Magic

Small, RP Group

Wehs Private 54 2
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