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Sword Art Online: Tales of Avalon

Based on the hit anime, SAO, this guild is for those who want to roleplay it.

Tags: adventure, Virtual, Sword Art Online, roleplay, guild

Kousagii Public 2,004 26
The Curse of Avalon

An RP guild that follows the story of Avalon's inhabitants, and their fight to protect their home. (Fantasy Setting)

Tags: Avalon, Curse, Fantasy

Damien Ember Private 8,140 23
. . ~ Avalon ~ . .

Tags: Avalon, Fiction, RolePlay, Story, Fantasy

Nauzael Public 1,196 2
Little Village of Avalon

Unreleased Sections, Limited Editions, Retired Items, & Art Collection.

Tags: artNtoybox, FRfoi, ASadf, MSlvoa

Mehu_Vilya Public 5,309 20
Avalon: High school of the Elite

Where our Dreams and Hopes Begin!

Tags: Avalon, Highschool, Roleplaying, Anime, Entertainment

Dark King Phantomhive Private 16,341 220
The Valsaren Chronicles (Closed for Reconstruction)

Welcome to the Kingdom Of Valsaren

Tags: RolePlay, Adventure, Kingdom, SemiLiterate, Fantasy

Fang Massacre Public 3,660 54
Avalon Academy [Under Construction]

Tags: School, Magic, Roleplaying, Friendship, Fantasy

Black_Mist_Sapphire Public 7,015 15
Kingdom Of Avalon

Avalon is in great danger, Dragons have come and invaded the four territories

Tags: kingdom, fantasy, dragons, magic, fighting

Heralds of Chaos: Dawnstriders

Whether you are a curious Flamewing, forceful Hellspawn or a stout Avalon – everyone can join the guild of the Dawnstriders.

Tags: heralds, chaos, flameborn, hellspawn, avalon

Rizrazzle Public 157 43
Avalon Magic

Small, RP Group

Wehs Private 53 2
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