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La Scuola di Magia For Magical Beings

A school based in Pisa, Italy for Italian Magical Beings

Tags: Open, Accepting, Friends, Roleplaying, Fun, Romance, Magical Beings, School, Students, Witches, Wizards, Magic, Harry Potter, Fantasy

JasmineKiwiFire Public 446 44
~Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry~

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is the finest school for the gifted. Currently Enrolling

Tags: harry potter, hogwarts, magic, witches, wizards

AlyssMoon Private 470 2
The Enchanted Rhapsody: A Musical and Starry Ensemble

An Academy RP where Melody and Stars collides.Play your instruments and Make a wish.. Dreams may come true for the ones who truly believes..

Tags: University Roleplay, Wizards, Astronomy, Music, Semi-literate to Literate

Angel Mhai Private 8,963 20
Harry Potter-Hogwarts

In this guild you can be a main charactar or even make one up-voldemort becomes powerful once again do you fight or join the dark side?

Tags: Harry Potter, Hogwarts, magic, witch craft, Owls

Headmistress of Gallifrey Public 189 13
United Hearts Guild

A hangout guild for all your interests.

Tags: Writing, Roleplaying, Discussion, Literate, Hangout

Kameron-Anemone Private 81 6
Durmstrang Institute

The magical institute based on J.K. Rowling's books. Now Acepting for the Aug-Sept School year!!

Tags: Harry potter, Hogwarts, J.K. Rowling, Role Playing, School

VixenViVi Public 227 8
Hogwarts: A New Era (Open)

It's been 50 years since Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldemort. Is it possible that the Dark Lord has risen again?

Tags: Harry Potter, Hogwarts, Magic, Witches, Wizards

eudoxxia Public 1,361 11
Hogwarts, a History

Under construction.

Tags: Harry, Potter, Hogwarts, History

mister madman with a box Public 16 3
The Telescope that Ate Astronomy

private formatting things

theLimeTree Public 30 1
The Rainbow Of Guilds

Rainbow are in full colors!

Tags: Colors, Art Supplies, Party

DashieKinkySexy Public 2 1
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