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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Anime for All

Anything and everything Anime

Tags: anime, art stuff, movies

DragonQueen Yui Private 4,053 7
The Great Pirate Guild

The Greatest Pirate Guild in the world. It's waiting for you. Join us. And become part of the adventure.

Tags: pirate, roleplay, disscussion, ocean, art stuff

BarnOwl6-5 Private 2,444 19
Stardust's Journal/Toybox

Where I can keep track off all my minishop purchases c: and other stuff

Tags: toybox, mini shop, purchases, arts, stuff

Stardust in the Sky Private 47 1
Shadows of the Mists College

RP guild where you can be any creature. Must be active!!!!!!!!

Tags: role playing, creatures

Dark Roaming Soul Private 89 8
jps art stuffs

a info site to tell u about stuff to do wth my photo art

please10 Public 3 7
Vidiots Unite!

Just a place for all those crazy video-gamers to hang out and unite!!!!

Tags: gaming, role-play, chat rooms, art stuff, freedom

aurori18 Private 39 6
Apocalyptic Moxie

A Role-Play guild set in a Post Apocalyptic world.

Tags: Apocalyptic, Role Play, Original Characters, Set world, Writing

ApocalypticCreeper Public 61 6
Cut & Paste: Everything Art

This is an everything art guild. Post anything art related!

Tags: art stuff, photography, graphics, everything, drawing

BrittanyBatman Public 17 3
Jigsaw's Puzzle Pieces

We are all a part of the puzzle

Tags: giveaways, art stuff, chatting, random, streams

the_yandere_princess Private 14 8
Lil Thing A Ma Jigs

For my friends.

Tags: arts, stuff, something, drawings, bleh

Strawberry Laine Private 9 4
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