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Arkham Asylum [Under Old Management]

Explore the DC universe as any comic, movie, or other fictional character you desire!

Tags: Batman, Comics, Arkham, Marvel, Roleplay

Pelvic Sorcery Public 3,121 24
Arkham Asylum- Madhouse

batman arkham asylum joker

thecuriousteacup Public 1,287 26
DCU's Gotham City

A city full of villain scum

Tags: batman, gotham, arkham, dccomics, Roleplaying

Nightwing the Renegade Private 570 23
From Arkham, with love.

Private roleplay/reference guild for onexone.

Tags: Roleplay, Action, Romance, Fandoms, Original

carnage queen Private 61 3
time of the villains (a batman roleplay)

villains are wreaking havoc on gotham after escaping from arkham.

Tags: roleplay

Alice wonderland 96 Public 1,098 10
Arkham School For Troubled Youth

AU Batman RP. What is the story now?

Tags: Batman, arkham, teenagers, school, roleplay

Doom Me Baby Public 2,714 7
Ravencroft Reform School

AU of Marvel Superheroes and Supervillians

Tags: Marvel, Alternate Universe, Avengers, Roleplay, xmen

Doom Me Baby Public 2,739 8
Arkham and Ravencroft School.

Tags: Arkham, Ravencroft, School, DC Comic, Marvel

Doom Me Baby Public 162 5
Gotham City Safe Haven

Alternate DCU where villains and superheroes must learn to coexist in a new society, and are unwitting test subjects for a sinister purpose.

Tags: Batman, DC Universe, superhero RP, dc comics, roleplay

EmptyxNamine Private 807 8
Hounds of Tindalos: Arkham Chronicles


Tags: Hounds, Pugs, Kitsune

Arkham Curator Public 41 3
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