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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Keepers of the Magic

Literate Role-playing Guild

Tags: Literate, Fantasy, Magic, Adventure, Romance

Karu Hitoshi Public 3,928 296
Coppers n' Pence

Literate Rp, setting: mid-19th century pseudo-American Civil War.

Trance Harper Private 562 1
The Society of Aristocratic Baby Eaters

TO ALL FREE MEN AND WOMEN OF OUR SOCIETY we have granted, for us and our heirs, all the liberties written below

Tags: baby, cannibalism, society, aristocratic, sophisticated

pamukovich Private 10,384 61
Ouran High School Host Club ~OHSHC~

A school for he rich and the beautiful.

Tags: Ouran High School Host Club, Roleplay, Rich, Happiness, Fairness

Jinae_Shim Public 23 6
The Otherworld™

A journey to another life...

Tags: Otherworld, Aristocrat, Mythical, Elite, Intelligent

Genrin619 Public 4,604 14
Kuroshitsuji FANMADE Roleplay Group

This is a guild for me and Silver's MADE-UP Kuroshitsuji, we're a rp guild.

Tags: Kuroshitsuji, Black Butler, Manga, Anime, Roleplay

Cillia-chan Public 29 13
Crescent Moon's Curse

Join A Side... Unforgiven Hunters or Relentless Hunted..

Tags: Vampire, Werewolf/Lycan, School, Romance, Combat

A Demon To Summon Public 283 6
The Knight's Bastion

Roleplay, history, forums, patrolling, contests, everything a modern Knight would need. Join today!

Tags: Medieval, Knights, Roleplay, Contests

Koduka Public 324 7
¤இ Host Club இ¤

Welcome to the night-time entertainment industry in Gaia.

Tags: Host club, Ouran, Aristocratic, Affluent, Roleplay

Hansen Jos Bleau Private 39 32
Vampire Lordship

The guild for Vampire Lord and Vampire Lady

Tags: Vampire, Aristocrat, Lord, Lady, Noble

xxDash-Shinxx Private 57 29
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