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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Phoenix Academy

A new foe threatens the modern world, and heroes must rise across time!

Tags: Drama, pokemon, adventure, school, literate

Phoenix Phiar Private 56,217 49
Gijinka World War

Human Pokemon

fallenwarrior54 Private 194 5

Adv. Lit Pokémon roleplay guild.

Tags: Pokémon, Black & White, Adventure, Action, Romance

CHA0S REIGNS Public 3,006 17
Pokemon - Approaching Darkness

When darkness approaches the land corrupting pokemon, It is up to the un-corrupt to stop it.

Tags: Pokemon, Adventure, Fighting, Friendship, Survival

Azureus Galthens Public 75 5
The Corrupted

Almost all the Legendaries are corrupted. Is there any hope?

Tags: Corrupted, Pokemon, Gijinka, Trainer, Role Play

Corrine_561 Private 1,225 23
Warring Tribes

A Pokemon Gijinka Roleplay!

Tags: Roleplay, Fuedal, Literate, Pokemon, Gijinka

Rei Suzurei Private 84 4
Pokemon Alternate Universe Online

development and creative feedback for Website / Game Module

Tags: Pokemon, Development, Multiplayer, Creative, Writing

ll Orgasmic Oranges ll Public 7 18
Team Rocket incorporated

Welcome the team rocket inc our main objective is to take the world by storm, we have finally made our way onto gaia. welcome to the team

Tags: pokemon, battles

inugami_the_spirit_king Public 8 2
Familiae est Alastyre

A Guild for Familiae est Alastyre (The Family of Alastyre.)

Tags: Kadon, Alastyre, Family, RolePlay, Monochrome

Kadon AIastyre Public 51 18
Investigation Free The Nation [Pokemon]

A RP combining many Pokemon elements.

Tags: Pokemon, Role Play, Pokemon Ranger, Gijinka, Snagem

Honey_Addiction Public 287 36
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