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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Creepy Anon Guild

For all those creepy anons and anon lovers who just love the thrill of stalking.~

Tags: Creepy, Anon, Roleplaying, Event, Contests

Sellesion Private 35,048 108

A Homestuck RP Guild with it's own developing plot and cast.

Tags: Homestuck, Roleplay

omgIisonfiyah Private 487 10

Anon and Fan appreciation and community

Tags: anon, fans, gaia, writing, gift giving

The Rose Prince Anon Private 18,953 262
Anon Archives (Open)

List of anons and their Messages.

Tags: Anon, Messages, List, Anon Names

Cree -anon- Private 512 19

Donating and stripping all day erryday

Tags: donating, giveaway, gifting, kiwi cult, beltteam

pants overrated Private 7,754 231
Anon colour and sneaky anon's Giveaway guild!

Welcome to Our little giveaway

Tags: Giveaway, anons, contests, funz, free

x-suicidal strawberry-x Public 132 4
League of Cuties

Cuties Annonomous

Darkreaper_44 Public 125 13
♚ ~ ⓐ ⓝ ⓞ ⓝ ⓢ ~ ♚

~ This is Guild dedicated to Anons all around Gaia ~

Tags: Anons, Gifting

Shutaura Public 47 56
Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice

Come on in. With you here, it will be a Party~

Tags: friends, trade, anon, draw, tradeparty

Kazoukei Public 7 1
Hatase Idol School

A school for idols

Tags: Anime, Music, Idol, Songs, Heart

MindaTuyet Public 19 5
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