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√Amine Manga Anime√ -All new name!-

This guild is about anime, manga and everything that is with this. Which means Japanese music is included. Please join us today.

Tags: anime, manga, Video games, japan, music

flivine Private 220 25

The Boundless guild is mainly dedicated to role playing but we also dabble anime, manga, and also the gaming experience.

Tags: role play, anime, manga, boundless, entertainment

caboose0013b Private 255 22
Adopting Guild

Adopt anything here! The art was done by various artists and each one is unique in it's own way!

Tags: arts, aminals, pictures, adopt

GimonsterousMeadowMuffin Public 13 1
Aminal Tea Party

This guild is some what a roleplaying guild where all types of aminals(animals) join togeder in one big family(i didnt say anyting bout happ

Tags: Role playing 1, Tea 1, Awsum possumifuls 1, Aminals 1, weird spellings 1

LavenderPeopleEaters Public 84 10
The World goes around.

The Loving soul

Tags: Love, hate

MindIess Thoughts Public 5 1
The Nationle Warrior Kingdom

If you are a strong warrior come but look like one to join!

TheNinja847 Public 4 7
Techno Demon Mafia Clan

How Should I Describe This, Well It's A Epic, Role-Playing, Creative, Story Telling, Ninja Demon, Death Trap.

Tags: Role Play, Death, Demons, Mafia, Family

shadow the cat demon Public 121 12
Amine girls 2.0

for Rp`s,chats and to hangout with others

lil mrs cherry bomb Private 182 9
Neko City

Neko City a place where all nekos and find love or a home

Tags: Nekos, Love, Roleplaying, Amine

1_Ike_1 Public 411 12
Sun & Moon RPG

We are an open rping group welcoming people who WANT to rp.

Tags: Gaming, Role Playing, Creative, Amine, Books

FyreKou Public 9 4
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