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The Boundless guild is mainly dedicated to role playing but we also dabble anime, manga, and also the gaming experience.

Tags: role play, anime, manga, boundless, entertainment

caboose0013b Private 255 22
Techno Demon Mafia Clan

How Should I Describe This, Well It's A Epic, Role-Playing, Creative, Story Telling, Ninja Demon, Death Trap.

Tags: Role Play, Death, Demons, Mafia, Family

shadow the cat demon Public 121 12
√Amine Manga Anime√ -All new name!-

This guild is about anime, manga and everything that is with this. Which means Japanese music is included. Please join us today.

Tags: anime, manga, Video games, japan, music

flivine Private 220 25
Adopting Guild

Adopt anything here! The art was done by various artists and each one is unique in it's own way!

Tags: arts, aminals, pictures, adopt

GimonsterousMeadowMuffin Public 13 1
Aminal Tea Party

This guild is some what a roleplaying guild where all types of aminals(animals) join togeder in one big family(i didnt say anyting bout happ

Tags: Role playing 1, Tea 1, Awsum possumifuls 1, Aminals 1, weird spellings 1

LavenderPeopleEaters Public 84 10
The World goes around.

The Loving soul

Tags: Love, hate

MindIess Thoughts Public 5 1
The Nationle Warrior Kingdom

If you are a strong warrior come but look like one to join!

TheNinja847 Public 4 7
Amine girls 2.0

for Rp`s,chats and to hangout with others

lil mrs cherry bomb Private 182 9
Neko City

Neko City a place where all nekos and find love or a home

Tags: Nekos, Love, Roleplaying, Amine

1_Ike_1 Public 411 12
Sun & Moon RPG

We are an open rping group welcoming people who WANT to rp.

Tags: Gaming, Role Playing, Creative, Amine, Books

FyreKou Public 9 4
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