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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
"Where is the Lid?" A Fry and Laurie Fan Guild

A guild dedicated to what is quite possibly the best acting duo EVER. WHOA. Also, finding the lid.

Tags: Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Where is the lid, Fan guild, British

Fluxit Aqua et Sanguine Public 123 17
War of Cytos

A guild for the B/C War of Cytos

Cyto Narrator Public 70 10
All About Cats Guild of AmAzInGnEsS

A Guild for Cat lovers

Tags: Cats, Animals, Chat, Funny, LOLcats

Scorpiomarie Public 391 73
The Refridgerated Leftovers Crew of Amazingness

Individually, we are cast-out rejects... but together, we are kickass zombie-killing maniacs!

Tags: awesome, zombies, rejects, nerds, random

Bisexual Flamingo Private 557 22
Super Awesome Super cool Guild of Amazingness

The title explains it all, but if you need a little more encouragement to join. We have RPing, Art, Fan artz, and interest threads Have fun!

Rumpus cake Public 4,315 39
Roleplayers Heaven- Roleplays of all types!

Roleplays of all types!

Tags: Roleplayers, Heaven, Roleplaying, Roleplay, Amazingness

SuperHUMAN_Cookie_ Public 41 13

For all you Alan Rickman loving freaks, like me!

Tags: alan rickman, rickman, snape, harry potter, alice in wonderland

Aphrodite Kisses Public 112 6
Soul Eater :: A New Kishin

Based on the anime and manga "Soul Eater" you play as a Mister, Weapon, Witch, Human or the Kishin Egg.

Tags: Soul Eater, Anime, Manga, Amazingness, Please join!!!

ChainedDoll Public 3 1
MST3K Gaia Fan Club

For all those who truly appreciate Mystery Science Theater 3000

Tags: Mystery Science Theater 3000, MST3K, Joel Robinson, Crow T. Robot, Tom Servo

IllianaGrim Public 15 4
Uta no Prince-sama: Fanguild

Here, fans for this will gather to debate, discuss, ship, love, and adore Utapri!

Tags: Uta no Prince sama, Utapri, Starish, Otome game, Maji love 1000%

Ensyo Phinilind Public 18 11
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