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love=Katekyo Hitman REBORN!

Are you a Reborn! fan? Then this is the guild for you! Join with your dying will!!

Tags: Amano, Akira, flame, dying, will

Belphegor-sama Public 2,963 406
The Shounen-Ai and Yaoi Haven

All things YAOI!!!!!

Tags: yaoi, role play, haven, anime, manga

Parallel Effect Private 16,009 192
-Vongola Famiglia-

A Group that loves Katekyo Hitman Reborn!!!

1031SirKyoya Public 21 9
Yumeiro Patissiere

Genres: cooking, school life, fantasy, romance

Saki Fujita Public 53 30
Yumeiro Patissiere ; Daisuki!~

Love Yumeiro Patissiere? Then join this Guild so you can connect with the other YumePati members on Gaia

Tags: Yumeiro, Patissiere, Fandub, Ichigo, Kashino

fraise de chu Public 65 40
Get Backers recovery

recover whats been stolen!

Tags: booty grab

kayasu hinamori Public 5 3
Katekyō Hitman Reborn: Generation Ⅹ [Open/Accepting]

Ciaossu! A Katekyō Hitman Reborn RP that will solve your dying will!

Tags: Hitman, Reborn, Mafia, Adventure, Anime

SpazzticPanda1311 Private 5,851 25
Final Fantasy Lifestream

Everything Final Fantasy!

Tags: final fantasy, video games, gaming, role playing, square enix

SaphyreWingz Public 92 4
Official Vampire Hunter D Guild

A guild for the Noble and those who have read/watched the classic manga, Vampire Hunter D. JOIN US!

Tags: Vampires, Hunter, Nobles, Vampire Hunter D, Classic manga

World_of_Randomx7 Public 2 12
Amano Ichizoku

The Amano family is a group of random people who happily live out their days helping/annoying each other in any possible way.

Tags: Amano, Family, Ishizoku, Cabbage, obby

Xx Kitsushi Xx Public 25 8
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