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Welcome to Silient Hill/ Guild

A guild to create your own story self redemption,discuss the series, do contests.

Tags: Silient, Hill, writing, games, contest

soujaboykiller Private 4 3
Silent Hill: [Welcome Home . . .]

Welcome back to Hell . . . This is a Silent Hill RP guild based after the events of SH 3, but other activities also take place in here.

Tags: Silent Hill, Pyramid Head, Konami, Horror, Alessa

Meditatus Sanctum Mien Public 8,663 44
♪ Final Fantasy ~ Rise of the Empires ♪ (U/C)


Tags: Final Fantasy, Mages, Warriors, Empire, Resistance

II_Atomic_Muffins_II Public 1,492 4
Silent Hill Homebound

A roleplaying guild for Silent Hill, or a cool place to chill c;

Tags: Silent Hill, Alessa, monsters, Harry, Roleplaying

goadgagrntl5wg Public 503 8
Silent hill: Dead world

So what will you do? Ill be waiting, where all begins, In the town of Silent Hill.

Tags: Silent hill 1, Silent hill 2, Silent hill 3, Silent hill revelation, Silent hill revelation 3d

skunkly Public 83 3
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