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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Final Fantasy VII Guild Azzehh Private 162,787 14,951
Final Fantasy VII: Neo Midgar City, Colliding Worlds

Tags: Final Fantasy, Jenova, Midgar, Aerith, Edge

Aerith Gast Gainsborough Public 72,594 76

Guild for the B/C Shop Aerithe, with deer-like Kirin and wonderful RP adventures!

Tags: Aerithe, Kirin, Soul Stealers, Breedables, Pets

Goddess Aerithe Private 8,049 137
The Brink Of Despair - An Organization RP Guild

Roleplay with Kingdom Hearts characters to your little heart's content! (I made a joke....)

Tags: roleplaying, Kingdom, Hearts, Organization, Thirteen

Katsody Public 1,487 6
World At War (Final Fantasy 7 Roleplay)

Final Fantasy 7 roleplay

Tags: Final Fantasy 7, Action, Fantasy, Midgar, SOLDIER

Yuudai the Dragon Public 1,051 11
Wrath Of Jenova~A Final Fantasy Guild(Now Accepting)

What happens to Sephiroth and the others is up to you.

Tags: Romance, Magyk, Jenova, Summons, Role Play

Kyohei_Lockhart_Strife Public 244 8
Void Gate: A Final Fantasy Guild

There are many worlds out there each connected by one entertwaining excistance, the void.

Tags: Final, Fantasy, Void, Gate, Roleplaying

Lucian Strife Private 3 1
ϟ Final Fantasy : Alls Fair in Love and War ϟ

What happens when the girls go berserk? Will the guys be able to convince them that they care, or will it end in Loveless War?

Tags: Final Fantasy, Girls, Romance, Fighting, Roleplaying

His Rinoa Private 558 10
Iris's Roleplaying Group

A place to roleplay :D

Tags: role, play, original, fandom, club

Sandy Flipflops Public 700 13
Shinra Academy (Recruiting!)

I suppose you could call it a Before Crisis Roleplay.

Tags: Final Fantasy

Honorable SOLDIER Public 1,168 10
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