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The Warriors of Elementia -- History Repeating

With GeoTech crumbled, the Knights go their own ways.. Now a new evil surfaces; Will you come to Elementia's Aid? Or seek vengeance?

Tags: Roleplaying, Warzone, Good vs Evil, Elements, Fantasy

Alexis DarkLight Private 185 10
The Survival Horror Guild kenshiro28 Private 10,761 250
Anime World FullmetalEDlover Private 1,221 87
Christian Singles Guild v1.0 Angel of God 27 Private 845 52
Vampires of Gaia * Everyday We're Sucka'ling *

A Vampire Themed General Discussion Guild

Tags: Vampire, Friendly, Discussion, Role Playing, Halloween

Apv301 Public 8,522 726
Essence of Anything Medimoon1 Private 3,853 73
Celestial and the Demonic Guild of Bumping Toadmasta343 Public 6 21
Absolute Music!! [] A Band Roleplay []

Absolute Music is a Japanese Band Roleplay!!! This requires real pictures too!

Tags: music, shoujo, anime, manga, Japan

thes270 Public 25 5
4:12 Discipleship Unashamed

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, conduct, love, faith, and in purity

Tags: 4:12 Guild, Discipleship, Unashamed, Jesus Christ, Christianity

thrashmetaljunkie Private 5,011 239
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