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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
A Bloody 2nd Chance

A war of god Tiers, and a (seperate) murder mystery

Tags: Homestuck, battle, mystery, murder, role playing

Hikishi Masashi Public 128 17
Infinite Hamlet [A 1/2 WangZi Guild]

Infinite Hamlet is Gaia's First 1/2 Prince Guild! XD

Tags: 1/2 Prince, 1/2 Ouji, 1/2 WangZi, Second Life, Manhua

Lunalover009 Public 2,845 160
Code Geass Alternative

A Code Geass RP that takes place some time after a alternative end for season 1.

Tags: code geass

PhantasmalApocalypse Private 2,083 42
A NEW WORLD (closed for now under construction)

A rpg guild where we start a second life for people

Tags: 1/2 Prince, .hack, Samurai Warriors, Dynasty Warriors

Akio Ashida Public 1,811 4
Team Odd

A place to hangout

Tags: 1/2 prince, role playing, hangout, anime, manga

Suicidal Paper Public 794 11
The Animator's Anime And Common Interest Guild

Animes such as Naruto, and Fruit and Baskets

Tags: Anime, Fruits and Baskets, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, Kingdom Hearts

yugi9653 Public 98 26
Second Life (1/2 Prince based guild)

This is based off of Seconed Life from the manga 1/2 Prince.

Tags: 1/2 Prince, Prince, Manga, Game, Second Life

Paula_Kuro Private 145 7
1/2 prince

It is the year 2100 A.D.; humans had developed an extremely realistic virtual reality game.

Tags: 1/2 prince, adventure, other world, literate, legendary

Demon_slayerdante2028 Public 22 5
Kingdom Hearts [Ch.1: Siege]

The Beganning of the End

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, Battle, Active, Final Fantasy, Keyblade

PrinceSanjaya Private 72 1
Society of Justice and Positivity-S.J.P


Tags: roleplay, kingdom, warr

Isabella Justice Public 161 23
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