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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The OLD Chatterbox Kai [In j00r pants] Private 230,341 1,370
The Polling Alley PollieAnna Private 408,952 1,587
20,000 Poll Guild [Comic.Explosion] Private 1,239,229 35,456

See you space cowboy

Zett Public 135,002 125
The Vagina Chronicles

A guild that, on a good day, has nothing to do with female genitalia.

Tags: vaginas, circlejerk, cats, friendship is magic, cool ppl only duh

[ Im Not Raven ] Private 24,296 41
Storage Guild


A faint smile Private 1,418 3
The Teddy Cavern ((A Hangout Guild))

A guild for hanging out and chatting.

Tags: Chatting, Have Fun, Hangout, Friends, New People

Rissaya Private 219 4
quite's compendium of characters quite uneventful Public 92 1
Jai's Storage Guild


Jai Bait Private 124 2
Caramel Truffle Inn

A random Hotel Guild :)

CherryIcecreamSmileXD Private 10 2
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