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The OLD Chatterbox Kai [In j00r pants] Private 230,336 1,371
pls come to brazil

sometimes pizza

Tags: please, come to, brazil, ham sandwich, shinji ikari clapping

Sweet as Sucre Public 3 9
CLOSED - Cleaning up

Thank you for your active participation!

MaclauMo Private 35,260 2
The Mythical Country With Polls In It RolventiaValintinian Private 22,720 656

A place for all spammers!

Tags: Spam, Polls, Contest, Bump, TekTek

Sweet AxenStar Public 1,022 21

are you random are yopu mildly retarted ARE YOU INSANE LIKE ME join this guild :D

Tags: randomness, apple pie, monkeys, unicorns, SPAM!!!!

OwO_RANDOMNESS_OwO Public 1,087 195
Key Party~ Frandoll Public 30 2

This is my personal, private guild for whatever i wan't, like layout testing, random picture spamming, and pointless ranting about life.

Tags: Random, Layout Test, Poland, Likes, Rainbows

Ji-mins Private 50 1
Title: Spreading The Love: AGS – The Regulars Lounge

A special Lounge for fun and games

Narithian Private 88 9
Testing guild. Shizuka Hio1 Private 5 2
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