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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Rather Large Pig Polls. Her Cyanide-- Private 148,012 711
Twonk's Guild of Spamee Goodness Twonk Private 11,544 8
[ The Literate Spambox ] Orange Blossom Public 39,827 91
The Community Chest Darkened Shadow Private 407,239 2,508
GUNBUSTER Wishes Come True! Nyoukai Private 110,587 210
Prisma and Kael's Sandbox

A sandbox guild for thread building for Kael and Prisma

Prismatic Ferret Private 18 2
-=- Executioner Gunji Private 468 3
Yui's Official Fan Club

A club dedicated to having fun, in honor of Miss Yui Lieselotte Ichijo AKA LSD AKA Vivi (whatever you get the idea).

Tags: fanclub, random, stupid, spam, dedication

Yui Ichijo Private 123 7
The Public Poll

An everyting guild. A place for polls, contests, giveaways, and to just hang out.

Tags: Spam, hangout, chat, everything, random

Vulpixelz Public 41 10
School notes

Tags: notes

xXSatansHomicidalManiacXx Private 5 1
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