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are you random are yopu mildly retarted ARE YOU INSANE LIKE ME join this guild :D

Tags: randomness, apple pie, monkeys, unicorns, SPAM!!!!

OwO_RANDOMNESS_OwO Public 1,087 195
The Corner Chair Cafe

A coffee house atmosphere to discuss the world!

Just Breve Private 62,967 324
Morphogenetic Fielders


Tags: random, friends, maybe rp, crazy, nomnom

akiirokitsune Private 187 5
Under Construction(Temp 1/7)

Under Construction

Tags: Gold, Posts, free, Rings, Help

I Am fluffyhead Public 36 2
~Noobs Are People Too~

Lets stop all this bullying of the word "Noob"

Tags: Noobs, Aree, People, Tooo, Bullying

OpticaI Illusions Private 52 15
Legends Of Doom D4ndelion Private 131 1
Candelros testing guild

I test stuff here and also test

Xbox Turn Off Public 24 1
The Whatever Guild Of Whatever

Tags: Whatever, Random, Spam, Roleplay, Anime

BonjourLadyGaga Private 34 4
The Reds

We gather- we multiply.

Tags: spam, random, hang out, role play, crimson

Mistress of Monsters Public 5 5
Title: Spreading The Love: AGS – The Regulars Lounge

A special Lounge for fun and games

Narithian Private 88 9
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