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The Former Easter Corporation (Now Closed)

The former militia of Easter Bunny loyalists.

Anaella Public 10,200 362
For the Love of Polls Hiromi-Ohira Private 331,133 1,267
The Idiots In Black

Anything, everything, something that just don't make sense. Btw: We're pirates?

Tags: pirate, anything, ninjas, comedy, roleplaying

x sam i am x Private 41,930 101
Kawaii Table Flipping

For Friend Chat Purposes

Sheepity Private 117 42
Dark Iced's BackStories

Rp, B/C art World

dark_iced_angel Private 20 2
girly poops

the estrogen is over flowing

Tags: girlpoop, verbalvomit

satanpoop Private 208 5
under work .-.

Cause it's lamer then the rest of the guild's

Unless u got buns hun Private 32 6
pasterino dongerino frappuccino cappucino al pacino

Tags: stupid, funny, i dont know, dumb, silly

Vindictive Resolve Private 10 9
Cool Kids Unite


Tags: chat, funn, friends, chatterbox, i dont know

bitchees Public 2 1
where are the 3 cheese pizzas

i ate those food

fairy paradise Private 5 2
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