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Post Amecha Giveaway Hangout Guild

For those who made friends in my giveaway and want to stay in touch.

Tags: Hangout, Amecha, Giveaway, Friends, Spam

Amecha Public 213 17
Poll Universe [.Potemkin.] Private 102,168 83
Super Chatterbox Azial Public 96,202 167
.:Kira's Kreations:.

A place for Kira & Friends to keep her ideas, rps, and the like!

Tags: Kiraboshi

Kiraboshi Private 73 3
Not enough time

A guild for friends of Blue Flamed Wolf only

Blue Flamed Wolf Public 223 1
Legends Of Doom D4ndelion Private 137 1
Random Drabbles

Say whatever you want, whenever you want.

Tags: random, commentary, Writing

readabook13 Private 1 4
.::Kira's stuff::.

A guild dedicated to the Krazy Kira Kitty~

Tags: Kiraboshi, Random

Kiraboshi Public 11 2


methics Public 5 1
♛ +

A man full of nothing.

reverti Private 10 1
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