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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
For the Love of Polls Hiromi-Ohira Private 331,133 1,267
The French Spam Guild Chocoboy5 Private 498,881 821
The Idiots In Black

Anything, everything, something that just don't make sense. Btw: We're pirates?

Tags: pirate, anything, ninjas, comedy, roleplaying

x sam i am x Private 41,930 101
The Former Easter Corporation (Now Closed)

The former militia of Easter Bunny loyalists.

Anaella Public 10,200 367
Kawaii Table Flipping

For Friend Chat Purposes

Sheepity Private 117 41
Paradise Bump Island Donation Guild BigJammer Public 34,842 489
The Teddy Cavern ((A Hangout Guild))

A guild for hanging out and chatting.

Tags: Chatting, Have Fun, Hangout, Friends, New People

Rissaya Private 202 4
Arsenix's Storage of Sorts

and away you go

vaikunta Public 106 2
girly poops

the estrogen is over flowing

Tags: girlpoop, verbalvomit

satanpoop Private 208 5
where are the 3 cheese pizzas

i ate those food

fairy paradise Private 5 2
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